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A for Accelerator; B for Brake and C for Clutch

A for Accelerator; B for Brake and C for Clutch

From the second part of December, when I had relatively less items in my calendar, I just thought I would focus on getting some driving learnt. The class tutor (Parthiban) of Bala Driving School, Kamarajapuram had an interesting way of starting the teaching.

Any learning starts as A, B, C right. Going by the same lines, he makes the trainee understands the three basic entities of any car.
A for AcceleratorB for BrakeC for ClutchAnd interestingly these would form right to left in Indian cars. Sometime back we were discussing about cars in United States here. Interestingly in India, it is right-handed driving and we follow 'Keep Left' policy on roads.

Making our country safer and secure

Making our country safer and secure

I came across a very good website called SaferIndia from my friend Aravind Babu and Mohan Chandran and would like to share the website with others too.

About the website:

This website of an NGO is started by Ms. Kiran Bedi. One can browse this website and lodge a complaint against any crime if the police station in your website is refusing to accept the same. The NGO would take your complaint and forward it to the DGP of your area. You can also use the email as a legal document in case of filing a case in the court.

Also, since the website is monitored by Ms. Kiran Bedi, all emails directly go to her.

Let us try to educate everyone about this website so that people feel more secure in their homeland.

Indian Railways -- Getting More Secure

Indian Railways -- Getting More Secure

Indian Railways are said to be the largest employers and one of the world's biggest enterprises. We would need to proud to have such a big entity in our motherland and should sincerely thank Lord Dalhousie (who is being rightly revered as 'Father of Indian Railways') for bringing this marvelous public commuting system to India when Britishers ruled us. It is most economical and comfortabe transporation system. The only concern currently in Indian Railways is an amicable security cover for the passengers through out the journey. There exists three modes of transport between the cities:

BusesRailwaysAirwaysA flight between the two cities is just about 35 minutes maximum but costs not less than INR 3000. It is extremely safe and secure journey but is simply out of reach for normal use, unless there is an urgency or someone is sponsoring us. Buses are good as long as there are no political riots anywhere. At least for women passengers, I…

Some interesting recipes to relish in Chennai

Some interesting recipes in Chennai

I have been thinking of sharing this for a while but just took some time to confirm the latest updates with the service providers. I am sure, in Chennai it would be nightmarish now to drive and we soon become very tired. There are two good restaurants in the West End of Chennai and East End of Chennai. They are just ordinary restaurants and not categorized as star so don't worry about pricking your wallet. Remember that we just discussed about 'The value of every 'Penny' sometime back very recently.

The two interesting recipes that I wanted to share was:

Thoothukudi ParotaKanchipuram IdliThoothukudi Parota:

This is a very interesting recipe that is available in Bhat's Bhojan at Tambaram. It is just priced at about half a dollar (20 INR now). Thoothukudi is the tamil name of Tuticorin, an important harbour town of Tamil Nadu near Kaniyakumari (Cape Comorin). The another interesting recipe of Bhat's Bhojan is the hot Sambar Idli wh…

The value of every 'Penny'

The value of every 'Penny'I was just thinking of writing about this for a while but a variety of factors were en route either preventing it or procrastinating it. What are they?A seamless flow of content. Sometimes, we get a thought directly from the sky but we would be struck on where to start, how to draft and how to express it to others.
Time factor. With a plethora of tasks outlined, the 24 hours that the Lord has bestowed for every day seems to be too little. But, when I say this, I recall, the quote that my Mathematics teacher in standard twelfth at Balalok and the then tuition master used to say "It is not that 24 hours which is insufficient. But we do not know how to make the best use of every second. We have 60 seconds a minute. 60 minutes to comprise an hour and 24 hours to comprise a day. And so on and so forth. The need of the hour then is an efficient time management".
Well! I just thought the current generation seems to be so much spendthrift like never …

Online Tamil Dictionary

Online Tamil DictionarySometime back we had a very interesting discussion in CodeProject Lounge on a particular guy in my close circle who has the habit of coughing in a very musical tone. For those interested, here is the permalink URL for the same. After that once, it so happened after a heavy lunch on Friday, myself and my other friend (the innovative inventors of the discussion thread outlined) had some constant burps. We were teasing each other like whether we are trying to emulate the Musical Cougher. In Tamil, we call burp as ஏப்பம். But I was trying to find out high and low on what is the English equivalent of this ஏப்பம்.Today I found a very good Tamil - English website which gives the English words for Tamil words. In our current context ஏப்பம் means burp or belching sound in English. But I would say, anyone should have this Online Tamil English dictionary in their favorites as it is very useful for everyone. Check it out here:…

A Quick General Knowledge cum Fun Quiz on Internet

A Quick General Knowledge cum Fun Quiz on Internet

A casual Saturday browsing brought me around a unique website that checks our knowledge on how deep our knowledge on Internet is. It wanders around the various Internet protocols, history etc.

At the end of the test, it gives an interesting score and a website badge that you can proudly showcase on your website too. Check out the Fun cum Knowledge Test on Internet here.

Time crammed January 20th, 2008 (Busy Busy Sunday)

Time crammed January 20th, 2008 (Busy Busy Sunday)

I have three invites for celebrations across the city tomorrow. Perhaps, to take rest, since Sunday is also the only day to take rest, I may chose to send the wishes by calling them too.
My friend (Rekha's Wedding) -- Unavoidable or there might be an aggressive call from Bangalore demanding a reason for absenting from the same. :)Sathya's Sister Wedding in West Mambalam -- This is actually my friend's sister. Hence I have some excuses for attending it via GSM. Anyway, I have his wedding to attend next month. :)A housewarming function of one of my colleague (Maria Sagayaraj). I may assign a ThreadPriority.Low to this for the following reasons:A very huge distance from my residence. It almost involves a semicircle trip across the Chennai City Map from Tambaram to Ambattur Pattaravalkam Railway Station.A one day technical workshop towards evening.There are a real number of factors that are involved in which one to attend and w…

My Pongal Celebrations 2008

My Pongal Celebrations 2008

I would like to draw the attention of users to our Pongal/Makara Sankranthi wishes before I discuss about my Pongal Celebrations this year. I think the weeklong Pongal Celebrations I was going through almost coincided with the exact days that has been earmarked for each of the festival. Rather, I would say, I was celebrating each day on its eve (a day before), with a sense of being an early bird.

Bhogi on 14th January 2008

The day before Pongal is celebrated as Bhogi. It is customary for the people of Tamil Nadu to white-wash (paint) their houses in bright colors, clear off all dust that has gathered and keep the environment spic-and-span. The elders also used to advise that on Bhogi day we should burn off all evil that have gathered at heart and cultivate a very holy thought-mind (Saatwic Mind). With this custom around, my schedule on 13th January 2008 was to clean up the house in full with all rubbish being destroyed. There were but little to huge junk maile…

Tax Time need not be Taxing Time

Tax Time need not be Taxing Time

As the month of March nears, most of us reel under acute mental stress and tensions since it is the period when you would need to consolidate your income, investments and other expenditures and submit the same to your taxman. Should you have been little lazy, then this period might bring you some more mental stress.

Fortunately, for everyone, Nithyanand has released a cool little tool again this year called Tax Calculator 2007-08 which should help us in calculating the investments made and that need to be done to escape the clutches of heavy tax burden.

I would also like to draw the attention of users towards our earlier discussion on "Tax and Investment -- A Guide".

Happy Pongal and Makara Sankaranthi

Happy Pongal and Makara Sankaranthi

Let us wish each other a very happy and a prosperous new year besides a very happy Pongal/Makara Sankranthi Celebrations. Let us start this by watching the Live Telecast of Makara Jyothi from Sabarimala facilitated by Podhigai at 1630 hours today and Raj TV at 1700 hours today.

**Check out actually whether it is Podhigai or Jaya TV. I am little confused by the spurtof TV programme advertisements that I had a glimpse today morning. I think it is Podhigai.If some one could confirm, it would be great.

Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa!!

A Free Astrologer Consultation Offer by Kumudam

A Free Astrologer Consultation Offer by Kumudam

While casually reading through the newsletter of Kumudam, a premiere Tamil Magazine in Tamil Nadu, India, I came across a lucrative offer that the magazine is bringing out for its readers. I just thought I would share across the same with other readers too for their benefit:

Offer Detail: seems to have partnered with a few premiere astrologers in Tamil Nadu to scrutinize the horoscopes of interested readers from the perspectives of which planet is currently weaker, which one is stronger and also what Pariharams (appeasing) to the planets.

How to apply?

All the interested readers have to do is the following:

Draft your query whatever it is like Career Queries, Problems in current work environment, Family issues, Financial Troubles in brief. Draft your Name, Birth Rasi and Birth Star Send the information to jothidam (at) would contact the astrologers and send you back a comprehensive report on your queries plus…

Ninth Prize Winner of Community-Credit December 2007

Ninth Prize Winner of Community-Credit December 2007 

I am happy to share the information that I have again won the ninth prize in Community-Credit December 2007 contest. You can check out other Prize winners and prize details over here.

It is a sheer pleasure of helping peers in various technology forums and knowledge sharing and a recognition to cherish for ever. Here is a little quote from Community-Credit Prize Notification email:

Hello Deepak Kumar,

    Congratulations. You won 9th Prize in the December 2007 Contest. As you may know, a lot of people competed, but only a few won. Nicely done! Please also keep in mind that your prize is not just a stupid, geeky gift, but it's also a symbol to represent your contributions to the development community. When folks ask you how you won, you can tell them that it was by helping out other geeks. Be proud and brag.

Below you will find the details of your prize.

Mini Solar-Powered Car

Solar cars are, unfortunately, still in the research and …