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Bad Bad OpenDNS. No doughnuts for you!

Not sure if OpenDNS made some re-categorizations or my recent Web-content filtering got stricter that familiar Google Youtube got blocked in my computer. Interestingly I could not sign out of Google Voice/Gmail because the logout urls for Google Accounts are currently serviced from

Now I am making selective adjustments in the Web-content filtering settings to allow these websites.

A mandatory need for renaissance

It is frustrating to see the situation in some of the developing and developed countries where the evil are prospering and the good people are suffering. The country which had been the benchmark for the world nations and considered super-power once is struggling to protect the lifestyle of its citizens. A host of unscrupulous immigrants are taking good advantage when the nation is suffering. The current government seems to be giving tall claims of various 'war-footing strategies' to improve the situation but the economy which has been ransacked and ravaged by the previous blood-hound leads seems to be in deep pit just like bhooma devi in the clutches of Hiranyakshan. Where is Bhoo Varahan and Lakshmi Narasimhan to resurrect the nation and the earth?

The city of sky scrapers witnesses a large scale of selling of properties for the sake of food. The city of cars is witnessing people preferring to transit because of the state of affairs. I fondly recall the 'Unnal Mudiyum Tha…

Possible issue with Cricket Wireless and Google Voice

Google Voicemail seems to be having issues with Cricket Wireless phones. The local conditional call forwarding trick that is used to divert cricket voicemail system to Google Voice does not seem to work. Whilst the 611 team asserts that the systems are in place to make it work, the actual level-playing field does not resemble so and elicits an error message as below:

I have posted this message to Cricket Wireless Facebook team to see if they can investigate and fix the issue.

Full deployment of my microblog

Due to time constraints there had been a few occasions when the posts in this blog had been slipping into hiatus. However interested readers can also stay tuned through my micro-blog. I believe you would have seen my micro-blog linked through my personal website.

Do send me more suggestions and improvements for the aesthetics and presentation in my micro-blog (LD-LavanyaDeepak).

"Raman Thediya Seethai" -- another wonderful creation from Cheran

Two weeks ago I had an opportunity to know about the film Raman Thediya Seethai through infact a really interesting source. I came to know of this title whilst preparing a script for a screenplay. Out of curiosity when I binged it, there turned out to be a movie on the same title.

A lot of things to learn from Cheran's creations -- his wonderful ways to capture real life situations as movies. Ranjitha's confession of her inability to judge him at first sight and expressing her love towards joining hands with him is really heart-moving one. At the same time, Gayatri's authoritative and tender moves in making a thief turn a good hard-worker and joining hands with him is another good shot.

The one thing I hated was Vidya's move for the way she ditched her family and everyone on the eve of her wedding and eloped with her paramour. Vidya -- the name is really bad for it shares another similar real life villain 'Pammal Vidya'. Perhaps V&R is a better person to el…

Payanam -- Destiny can change your destination

Last weekend I had an opportunity to watch Radha Mohan's creations 'Payanam' starring Prakashraj. It is a clear demonstration of political interferences in the high voltage drama involving a aircraft hijacked from a fictitious incident involving a flight from Chennai to New Delhi. The pilots resisted causing the engine to be damaged forcing it emergency land in Tirupathi instead of succumbing to the hijack diversion to an alien land of Rawalpindi in Pakistan.

A few points to observe from the movie are:

Bad behavior of media to sensationalize the topics just for boosting up their TRP ratings even involving an illegal impersonation attempts by reporters.Unethical behavior of airport staff to smuggle explosives into the aircraft lured by the hijackers just for a pay of 2 lakhs. Is so many human lives worth just 2 lakhs?The government just blindly releases the terrorists to 'satisfy' its vote bank and 'dumbass' security advisors without heeding to the words of &…