Sunday, January 29, 2012

Naam gum jayega

This weekend program of Mahima Shani Dev Ki  is emphasizing the need of our name to be Saatvik  and its effects on our outlook to the world.

The Plot: In the story, the prince rebelled against his father in the coronation and banished his father in Aurangazeb style besides taking his own name as 'Dur-Vijay' in a gesture of temerity to terrorize the world. His sins blinded him to such an extent that he misused his mystic powers to challenge Indra and even to force the apsaras succumb to his lust. Shani intervened in his malicious efforts to penalize him in a very extreme way but narrowly allowing his life. His life was spared because his wife was very pious and god-fearing.

Shani did forgive him at the end because he 'realized' his folly and openly demanded heart's true apology from everyone that he inflicted hurt and on whom he had hurled abuse upon.

I prostrate before Shani and saluting Him for giving a sneak preview of this knowledge to me several years back thereby gifting me my pen-name which has almost now on-par my statutory name now. You can find out the narration here.  Bolo Shani Dev Maharaj Ki -- Jai.

This post caption inspired by 'Lavanya Panchapakesan Deepak's post of the same title.

Jai Maha Kaal! Om Sham Shaneeswaraya Namaha!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bing and Symantec Rewards

My Bing rewards just accumulated 541 points last week and had the opportunity to get it converted to an Amazon Gift Certificate ($5). Interestingly the same day, my Symantec account hit into 100 points with a few of my articles being approved by the moderator giving me another Amazon GC of $15.

Be it a Happy New Year 2012 gift or Pongal 2012 bonus or Republic Day of India offer or an advanced Valentine's celebration token, my sincere thanks to Bing and Symantec for the wonderful gifts.

A note from 'LD Desk' after a long hiatus ...

It had been close to a month since we last met each other. 2012 had been starting up with little tight schedules on Todolist. Nashville and Texas share the similar expressions for me. Days in Texas had been always giving late night stays, offshore calls, production support keeping me real busy even through weekends. Nashville seems to be humbly emulating from it without any demur or delay.

Precisely speaking the honeymooning at VA is complete as a few posts in LD Desk and LD Tech would have already announced. I wouldn't call the waxing/waning period in other words for obvious and diplomatic reasons.

Stay connected through my FB Blogpage and Twitter more frequent updates which can conquer over this time crunch.