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JQuery is a divine God!

It had been several weeks (rather months) of a few pending things. Thanks to JQuery for inspiring me to create cute and quick widgets for the benefit of everyone. The Todolist is now cleaned up and emptied paving way for fresh thinking for novel ideas.

Instead of being just another tech-tool, JQuery is stepping into another softskills development gadget helping out larger communities.

The latest gadget created with JQuery is here (which is powered by jPlayer) and is described here.

Thank you, jQuery!

Pitrupaksham (aka) Mahalaya Paksham 2012 -- Chanting Assistance Tool

Pitrupaksh (aka) Mahalaya Paksham starts tomorrow (1st October 2012). More details about the same from SSRF website article here.

Thanks to my gurudev ( Sri Shanidev Maharaj ) for seeding me with this thought to create a small utility compiling the assorted chanting and making use of simple JQuery/JPlayer (HTML5).

Most of us stay online at all times for our work and/or mobility reasons. For us, I sincerely hope that  this would be a handy tool to help and assist them in their chanting.

Currently my URL plays the audio from SoundCloud. If you are tech-savvy, you can grab the quick WAMPS server and download the set of files to a separate virtual directory and play them offline.

Source Download: You can grab the whole source from Codeplex here.Hosted URL:

Impediments from self-imposed restrictions

Sometimes the self-discipline measures which we impose serve as impediments. I was searching for a MySQL Import sources. A website from search page was currently a 404 whereas Google had a cache copy of it. Unfortunately, OpenDNS does not like to use cache services because that circumvents a lot of security measures and policies. Since this is my home network, I can very well hop on to dashboard and relax it for a while. But I will not do it. At least after 2007 New Year Resolution, hurting others by even words, patronage/abetting some thing which serves as a hurt or demonstrates some sort of cheat, infidelity is a taboo to me.

So let me Google Search more on MySQL and/or ask in a forum for assistance. Rules are definitely to follow by spirit and not to relax/claim exemption just by our whims and fancies. If we keep poking holes in the firewall and with lot of such holes there is not much wall left in the firewall (citing my favorite quote from Windows Firewall documentation of MSDN)…

Thendral -- Is it a variant of Nirmala?

In my view, 'Thendral' seems to be going in the path of Nirmala by Munshi Premchand. Here is the synopsis of 'Nirmala'.

Nirmala is a story of a little girl who is married at an age of 15 to a person who is 20 years elder to her  after her first marriage being cancelled due to dowry reasons. Nirmala’s husband tries all tactics to woo her but she has only respect and a sense of duty for him and not the love which he expects to develop in her. By his first wife, Totaram has three sons and the eldest is just one year elder to Nirmala. Nirmala who is so tender and inexperienced does not understand that why she likes being with the eldest son and hates her husband. Why she can be comfortable with the son but becomes uncomfortable at even the sight of his man. Then by the inferiority complex and Nirmala’s cold attitude towards Totaram, a seed of mistrust is sown and from there starts the downfall of everything which Nirmala lays her hands on. One by one all the sons …

Breezy Thendral is mauled by a draconian typhoon!

Today's Thendral (21st September 2012) is the height of it. I can not any more tolerate on the atrocities on Tulasi.

I am amazed my Tulasi's great deal of endurance, patience, forgiving nature, gratitude and magnanimity not just to noble but even to evil spirits.

Should I call it eccentric behavior or brand myself so for even being so much disturbed by the direction of this silver screen presentation?

I admit television serials do not originate from the skies. Directors and producers are witnesses in some way of some real life incident, which they base upon and pen their stories to express and convey this to the world.. However, the height of atrocities on poor Tulasi makes me feel volcanic frustration and anger today. I need some sort of counselling to make me distinguish that is just an episode on silver screen and not a real life incident lest I start annihilating some one in 'not-in-my-good-opinion-list'.

With immediate effect, my personal advisors suggest me to c…

Many many happy returns of the day, Deepak!

Dear Deepak ('Thendral Tamil'),

Many many happy returns of the day. Deepak (the hero of Thendral) celebrates his birthday on September 15th.