Thursday, June 30, 2011

Whoa! Just got a Google Plus Invite ...

Glad to receive a Google Plus invite -- a new response to Facebook from Google. After a long sojourn journey of Google with its botched up Orkut project, I think, in its Facebook perspective, the plus seems to be promising.

Historically, ASP.NET was called as ASP+ and then rechristened as ASP.NET. Wish Google, good luck in its plus project.

For the Invite Requests  (Update on 20:30  hours Eastern):
  1. Google Plus does not seem to be limiting the number of invites and hence I was able to send out a very few in the morning to a few beneficiaries from my addres book. 
  2. Looked like some technical errors or server conditions blocking it now. Just confirmed that G+ seems to be embargoing the send of invites.  Anyways once the embargo is lifted let me see if I can fulfill your aspirations.
  3. A Quick Note: A few of the requesting profiles seem to be having a Profile-View of 1 and created in the month of June 2011.  Sounds interesting right?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fox Again -- II

In a very short duration Mozilla has released another major version to its Firefox. You can check out Firefox 4.0 over here. Check out my update to Firefox 5.0 here:

Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011

Zoho makes a bright day and a powerful week-start...

Today morning for some reason I got woken up quite early -- as early as 3 PM. The mind sometimes (or rather many times) behavies whimsically or quasi-whimsically or sometimes with temerity. Just logged onto my Zoho. Instead of starting the new week cribbing I just thought would see what is new cooking@Zoho. What it turned out was an aggressive participation in Zoho Discussions forum making my mind to start working more sharply as the graph of my early morning activity shows. Check out my Zoho profile here.

Zoho is truly a fine-spirited and high-ideal organization with overbubbling enthusiasm in each of every cell of it. We Love You, @Zoho.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

प्यार तो हमेशा रहेगा |

Today I was flipping through my television channels and had an opportunity to view Sirf Tum (a hindi re-make of my favorite film Kadhal Kottai). Without diluting the content because of 're-make' they have actually increased the value of the movie in 'सिर्फ ठुम'. A few comparisons of Kadhal Kottai and Sirf Tum.
  1. Deepak and Arthi Vs Surya and Kamali [Sanjay Kapoor, Priya Gill, Ajith, Devyani]
  2. Villainous Entry who repented: Heera/Sushmita as Sneha
  3. "Dog's Love" quote-fame Auto-driver 'Thalaivasal" Vijay vs Jackie Shroff
  4. Kerala and Rajasthan gets their entry swapped. Whilst New Delhi remains the shared destination forming a triangular love with Chennai and Cochin (as the story itself carries one)
You can get a quick synopsis of the story over here. Though a old film (1999) it does keep itself green as its main slogan प्यार तो हमेशा रहेगा (Love is Eternal!)

A Blissful Saturday!

Friday, June 17, 2011

An indigeneous cross-platform transparent organizer ...

  1. No more monopolization with Microsoft Outlook
  2. No more hassles of privacy policy issues with hosted solutions
  3. No more propreitary binary format data
A simple organizer to manage the tasks and todos along with related files. All it needs is the following:
  1. PHP capable webserver
  2. MySQL 5.x database
  3. Opensource Web2Project
MySQL is a full-fledged database and you can use it for many other purposes as well.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

WARNING! Poorna Chandra Grahanam in Asia Pacific

Om Namo Bhagavate Rudraya
There seems to  be a complete lunar eclipse tomorrow visible across several countries in the Asia Pacific. The lunar eclipse also coincides with the full moon day. As we know from our research of the spiritual effect of the moon on us, the distressing energy would reign high two days before and after the Amavasya/Pournami (New Moon Day and Full Moon Day respectively). With the eclipse joining hands with Full Moon Day is going to get a high tide energy for the distressing forces.

The effective way to combat this is to increase our chanting and prayers so that the distressing energies are controlled and contained from running amuck.

Happy InWeDay 2011!

June 14 is  being observed and celebrated pan-Universe as International Web(b)logger's Day. Web logs have extended from being a channel of personal rants to dependable reliable and comprehensive information repositories.

Let us take pride in being part of the blogging fraternity and let us pledge to ensure cleaner blogosphere and strive to be a responsible netizens.

[Information Tip-off: Dinamalar]

A Citizenship Initiative towards Clean Green City

Cleanliness and perfection of the environment is not just the elected representatives' responsibility. As a citizen when we see something is amiss we are obliged to bring the same to the kind attention of the appropriate forum so that the same is redressed appropriately. Now most of the administrations are embracing e-Governance initiatives I think we can save a stamp and a drive from pillar to post and at the comfort of your Dell equipment get the hell away from you instead of being shelled by paramount problems to turn perennial in nature.

On 10th June 2011 there was a flash news in Dinamalar indicating a water-borne health threat near Chennai Koyambedu Mofussil Bus Terminus entrance. I appreciate Chennai Corporation for the elegant e-Governance initiative in getting it completed with quick status updates to the reporter.

The narration from report to redressal has been captured in the embedded slideshow.

Monday, June 13, 2011

FireShot -- The Sureshot screenshot Browser Helper for Firefox

If you are using Firefox 4.0.1 you ought to check out and have Fireshot which is an immensely helpful browser add-on to capture screenshots, add annotations and shapes before exporting the final image to your local disk. You might have observed a recent screenshot in my post on LdVoyage launch. Perhaps this should be another compelling reason for me to adopt Firefox again in my web developer's toolbox.

And let me jump across any browser but never never Internet Explorer. Frankly speaking surfing the web using Internet Explorer is just akin visiting a red light area without protective condoms. Sorry Guys. I don't have find more diplomatic way of telling it for the amount of destruction Internet Explorer swept in my box. If you need me to use Internet Explorer some of the compelling things I would need to see it in are:

  1. Without my consent it should not add any DLLs like Xml.dll, MsHtml.dll as browser helpers.
  2. Popup blocker never works for me.
  3. Memory footprint is too high
  4. Slow start of Internet Explorer

Fox Again!

After a sojourn with Chrome, I am now using Firefox again in its 4.0.1 version. Why is this change again? The reasons for this migration are:
  1. For some reason my Chrome on Ubuntu is not able to recognize Unicode fonts properly. Also I see a steep memory usage when it comes to Shockwave Movies.
  2. As you know, Chrome allocates separates process memory for each tabs which might be heavy on challenged computers.
  3. Firefox 4 brings Chrome-like interfaces with good improvements in memory footprint as well.
  4. Seeing a fox in the morning is said to bring good luck. :)
The only drawbacks I see in Firefox currently are:

  1. When I install an add-on it is expecting me to restart the web browser whilst Chrome does it only the fly.
  2. PDF documents open inline natively in Chrome whereas Firefox still depend on the bloated reader plugin from Adobe.

A Shell-Breaking Attempt :: Launch of LDVoyage

The LDVoyage had been hiding out for long and only a few tech-savvy had been able to grab the opportunity to see my new travelog, with a sneak peek from my Tweets. Yes. LDVoyage had been built with 'Tweeting in its kernel'.  Now you can find the left navigation menu item updated.

The Most Active Posts have been retired following GA results on them. I would re-visit this section and incorporate after a while.

Safeguarding the interests of developers in IT field ...

India is for sure an evolving business hub of Information Technology. However with this rapid growth we also get a few shrubs and weeds wherein unscrupulous identities take advantage of the innocent towards satisfying their bestial instincts.

I have a lot of evidences of such callous organizations which have only embraced and/or dug their own grave in a very short run. I was just thinking that we should have a movement to educate bona fide ambitious aspirants into IT/ITES fields from being wary of such dragnets. The other issue with such unscrupulous organizations is that they also resort to all sorts of immoral trafficking (particularly of the female workforce) besides the amount of software piracy that they resort to. All they want is to build their private 'ex-chequers' at the cost of society.

Whilst browsing through Facebook I came across an innovative community called 'Microsoft/Google Purchasers' which seems to be precisely the same objective as this post.
  1. "Stop Involving In Piracy". If you have a true talent then come in and use it for the development and mutual prosperity of you and the society. 
  2. The next time you observe some lecherous lewd boss or disgraceful manager then be sure to have us informed over here and tag them as MGPs. We can get them  develop GPFs (General Protection Faults) sooner or later.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Hinduism Summit Meet at Durga Mandir (Fairfax VA)

Just got the flyers from the event managers regarding the Hinduism Summit to be held at Fairfax VA Durga Mandir. Do spread a word to your kith and kin, friends and family, colleagues to make the events a huge success.

Om Namo Bhagavate Rudraya!

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Agni Suktham -- A Gesture to Offer Evil Things to Agni

A whilst back we saw a petition to Varuna Suktham for the peace of Green Earth. Effectively when Varuna is going to help out the world from the Sun and Agni (the fangs of fire) they would be become infurious because their prey is let out. This request is a gesture to feed them with what we don't require but that would fit their good lunch and also help clean the world (Three mangoes in one stone! :))

What they can have for their lunch?

  1. The Lust people. 
  2. The Greedy People
  3. The Shameless Politicians that loot the country
  4. Unscrupulous Service Providers
What they should protect and desist from harming?
  1. The true, honest and the saatwik
  2. Flora
  3. Fauna
  4. Beautiful Nature
There are a good number of them in our Bharatvarsh. Sun and Agni would indeed bless us and they would join us in our invocation of Varuna Suktham.

Varuna Suktham -- Request to Lord Varuna to Save the World which is reeling under hot sun ...

Every part of the world is affected by the hot summer and scarcity of water. You can check out a narration from my travel journal over here. At least we can manage to stay indoors hand-fanning if not the complete comfort of air-conditioners but imagine the plight of homeless, dumb animals and plants. For all the evil things bad people does and bad people enjoy and poor innocent people suffer.

This post is dedicated to the chanting of Varuna Suktham to invoke Lord Varuna to cool down the earth. Please join me in praying to Lord Varuna for the peace of green earth. 

A Delightful Product -- AOL Project Phoenix

AOL -- the pioneers of 'You Got Mail' seems to be ushering in another innovative product -- 'Project Phoenix'. It is considered a major revamp/overhaul of their existing webmail suite of products with enticing Web 2.0 experience. Currently it is restricted to closed beta and accounts are given out on an invitation basis.

I had just input my request to them and just got my account setup with Project Phoenix.  Perhaps if you are interested you can visit the website here and leave a request for an invitation too.

Hanumanji's blessings started to pour in even before His arrival to my residence

No sooner did I submit the post on 'Bajrangbali Bell' than my Facebook notified a photo tagging related to the image shown in this post which Tirupathi Garudazhwar (Periya Thiruvadi).

It is a pleasant surprise and a sweet gesture of blessing that the welcoming of Siriya Thiruvadi (Hanuman) by Garudazhwar (Periya Thiruvadi). Just thought would share this moment of rejoice with others too.

Gearing to welcome Bajrangbali on Tuesday ...

The summer reward from Symantec has been turned into a Bajrangbali Hanuman pooja bell through Amazon ordering. Again my friend's Amazon Prime two day delivery had been made use of. Since the order was placed around Friday morning the same is expected to reach my residence around Tuesday morning.

A few snapshots of the bell from Amazon page are:
We would like to recall that the start of spring was a Shivalingam and the start of summer would be Bajrangbali.

Update on June 8 2011: Today I received Sri Hanuman (Bajrangbali) by UPS.

Jai Bajrangbali!