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Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) -- What is all that about?

Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) -- What is all that about?Flip through any of the newspapers or click any news website that would definitely get devoted a page on this Bird Flu, which is scientifically known as Avian Influenza. Perhaps sometime back, even computer viruses were spreading using this Bird Flu name. Is'nt it? What is all this about? Let us know background about this and inform others to stay immune and safeguard our society.Definition It is a highly contagious viral infection which can affect all species of birds and can manifest itself in different ways depending mainly on the pathogenicity of the virus involved and on the species affected.Wild birds were found with virus infections but they have the inbuilt resistant to survive them however domesticated birds often succumb to these infections. For more information about Avian Influenza, check out CDC Website from here.

Mobile Phone -- When and When not to use... [Part II]

Mobile Phone -- When and When not to use... [Part II]Sometime back we were discussing over here about some good and bad practices that we need to observe while using Mobile Phones to make it best communication partners. Perhaps for the past one week, as I watch the Television and also a couple of new hoardings at vantage points in the city of Chennai has come up, courtesy Hutchison Essar, in a supporting vien to this argument.Perhaps, this Part II discussion is an earnest and humble step to share these good thoughts that the Hutch Network operator is trying to spread for the benefit of all users. To take it further interesting,  Hutch has also dedicated a page in thier website for Mobile Etiquette. The significant ones that are being discussed in the advertisement are:A word before any picture.
Ask for permission before you take anyone's picture on your mobile phone. A little kid in the ad would throw the mobile down on the floor with much force."Ali baba and Forty Tring Tring…

Chennai City Transport Corporation on the Web

Chennai City Transport Corporation on the WebThanks to the technology initiatives of Government of Tamil Nadu, now anyone can get easy information on the various bus (public transport) routes, facilites, timings and tariffs on the website. Click on to the Metropolitan Transport Corporation website to know more.Chennai, had been recieving complains on poor information network by outsiders and hence because of that they were fleeced by autorickshaw drivers. Now, I think, with this initiative by Government of Tamil Nadu, it would be a great help to anyone in Chennai and visiting Chennai.

Telecommunications -- Within Easy Reach for Every Indian

Telecommunications -- Within Easy Reach for Every IndianAt this instance, we need to extend our heart-felt congratulations and wishes to our Hon'ble Minister Dayanidhi Maran, for his next laudable effort in bringing in a cheaper and a singly charged long distance telephony in India. Starting March 1, the state-owned BSNL takes pride in rolling out this prestigious service. Media reports and websites forecast that shortly other operators may emulate this for competition but there has'nt been any dates or announcements by other operators hitherto.BSNL claims that with this novel scheme, the much scared long distance which is called as STD (Subscriber Trunk Dialling) may soon be an history. Quite interestingly, the CDMA-based telecommunications Carrier, Reliance has also brought in a scheme called One-India. Definitely, this would be a win-win situation for both the telephone operators and the customers using long distance services.

Valentine Celebrations in the Month of Romance

Valentine Celebrations in the Month of RomanceCome February and it is a jubilant time for everyone. "All roads lead to rome" and so all dates in February, we think of February 14, which is being revered globally as Valentines Day. Looking back in History, Valentines day actually shares its name to a Christian priest called St. Valentine. As we assume Valentines day is not just for young lovers. It is observed in full fervour and whole heartedness by true lovers of all ages wherever they are. Check out some histories of Valentine Celebrations over here:On the History Channel.Bawarchi PagesHappy Valentine's Day!

Riya Photo Search

Riya Photo SearchInnovative Search Engines besides the usual text search are talk of the day always, attracting our attention.Google has always invited appreciation from all quarters for its innovative search products like Google Image Search, Google News etc. Besides this, there are also search engines which gather data from other search engines,which we call as Meta Crawlers.Now, I just came across a nice website called Riya Photo Search. This website is restricted to members to upload their photos and search engines will read info in the pictures and search the same. Currently Riya is restricted to Alpha Testing and hence only invited members are eligible to register. Try sending a mail to Riya Registry to get an account.

Voice of the Consumers

Voice of the ConsumersConsumers are the key to any industry. The Parliament of India has given the protection to consumers of India using Consumer Protection Act of 1986. But how many of us have ever exercised the legal protections given to them by the National Administration. Merchant Establishments and/or Service Providers after thier sales/service turn blind eye to any customer query. Due to paucity of time and lack of information, we are handicapped on how to have the issue taken up for redressal. Check out the following yahoogroupsconsumer_voice_india@yahoogroups.comAlso, check out, which seems to be hosted by Arun Saxena,who also moderates the above YahooGroups. Recently, I came across to one more website (but currently based for Bangalore Consumers only). Check this out here: