Monday, February 28, 2011

जग में सुन्दर है दो नाम ...

One of the most beautiful melodies (enchanting devotional melodies that one would love to listen always) penned and sung by Anoop Jalota.

जग में सुन्दर हैं दो नाम |
चाहे कृष्ण कहो या राम  ||
बोलो राम राम राम |
बोलो श्याम श्याम श्याम ||

माखन ब्रिज में एक चुरावे | 
एक बेर बिलनी के खावे || 
प्रेम भाव से भरे अनोखे |
दोनों के हैं काम ||
चाहे कृष्ण कहो या राम ||

एक ह्रदय में प्रेम बदावे |
एक ताप संताप मिटावे | |
दोनों सुख के सागर हैं ||
और दोनों पूरण काम |
चाहे कृष्ण कहो या राम ||

एक कंस पापी को मारे |
एक दुष्ट रावण संहारे ||
दोनों धीन दुःख हरत हैं |
दोनों बल के धाम ||
चाहे कृष्ण कहो या राम ||

एक राधिका के संग राजे |
एक जानकी संग बिराजे ||
चाहे सीताराम कहो |
या बोलो राधेश्याम ||
चाहे कृष्ण कहो या राम ||

Thanks to weirdindia for sharing the Anoop Jalota's Bhajan over here:

Note: A maiden venture of LavanyaDeepak in the desh bhasha (National Language) of Bharatvarsh (India)

Inspiration: Artmap

Daylight -- Harnessing its advantages

In less than a fortnight we would need to push our clock an hour ahead to welcome spring ('Spring Ahead Fall Back' axiom of Daylight). I  hear from a few people that Daylight means trauma in a number of perspectives:

  1. When you have offshore units to interact and particularly with Far-East and Asia Pacific when they call you it becomes really late in the night.
  2. Adjusting time manually is an headache.
I would say we can take this in a very positive way to induce more energy, optimism and thus enhancing our personal and professional productivity to greatest levels. Here are my propositions:

  1. Avoid interacting with the Far-East and Asia-Pacific over the  night. You can prefer to have the conversations early in the morning (that would be early evenings for them). Also since you get to interact from evening you gain a good control over the progress of the work besides the fact that early morning work for us would also gain more productivity. It is actually a Win-Win offer.
  2. Adjusting time manually is a boon. We tend to get early and thus the harness the benefits of Brahma Muhurtha
So next time we see some one lamenting pessimistically on Daylight just give him a pat on his back and ask him to look towards the sunshine it brings along with it.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A new Nandhi in my Pooja Room

A few months back I saw a sweet Nandhi in Dollar Tree store. But I wanted to be sure regarding the appearance of the bull with the Nandhi. But when I visited the store again the bull wasn't in stock. Requests to replenish the stock both at the store and Dollar Tree corporate Facebook page wasn't of much avail. Interestingly today I visited another store of the outlet in the neighborhood which had a few stock of the bull. Hence got Him and placed Him in the altar.

A quick round of Rudra Parayanam in the melodious voice of Uma Mohan followed it. Also find a small video of it below.

It is the most greatest feeling of jubilant bliss to welcome Nandhi on the Maha Shivarathri weekend.

Om Namo Bhagavate Rudraya Vishhnave Mr^ityurme Pahi |
Prananam Granthirasi Rudro Ma Vishantakah |
Tenannenapyayasva || 6||
Namo Rudraaya Vishhnave Mr^ityurme Pahi

|| Om Shantih Shantih Shantih ||

Lyrics Courtesy: Shree Rudram

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Holy Wednesday 2011 (Maha Shivarathri) is just 7 days away ...

This day next week (March 2 2011) is Maha Shivarathri, the most auspicious day for everyone across the universe dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva. A few people ask about the worship modes of Shivarathri and whether they should fast only day or night of Shivarathri.

I would like to draw the inference to the quote from Bilvastakam as below:

Indu vaare vratham sthithwaa niraahaarO mahEshwarah |
naktham hauShyAmi dhEvEshA Eka bilvam shivArpaNam ||

"Often we mistake "upavas" for "niraharam". While upavas is
establishing intimacy (mental) with the Lord, niraharam is fasting
which facilitates concentration and channelization of our energies.

The Dhramashastras prescribe both upavas and niraharam on
Shivarathri while giving concession for the old, the weak, the sick
and the diseased etc. It also advocates light food - "upAhAram" for
those who can be stable with little food.

Shasthras are really flexible and practical. We SHOULD adopt only
those tenets of shasthras that suits our body, family and social
conditions. Would it not be wise to eat something "satwik" and
worship the Lord happily instead of getting destracted by hunger ?

A more specific answer to your query would be that the tradition is
to fast completely during the day and night of Shivarathri, while
worshipping the Lord and breaking the fast the next day by partaking
food along with fellow devotees - called "pAraNam". This tradition
is still followed in rural areas where the social bondages are still
strong." [Source Courtesy: Srinath Ram]

I would also like to quote the URL of 'Maha Shivarathri' website for more information here.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Waking up my Lord with the sweet enchanting voice of Uma Mohan's team

Monday morning as I woke up today just felt like switching on the Audio Player with Amruthavarsha Vol 4 (Audio book) which has the following songs:

01. Introduction
02. Venkatesha Suprabhaatham
03. Venkatesha Sthotrhram
04. Venkatesha Prapathi
05. Venkatesha Mangala Shaasanam
06. Raama Sthothram
07. Raama Ashtakam
08. Raama Karnaamrutham
09. Krishna Sthothras
10. Krishna Karnaamrutham
11. Hari Ashtakam

The classic Venkatesha Suprabatham in Uma's unique rendition mode of soft soothing music is sure to make the Lord a sweet kid and to give Him a pleasant wake-up call. The other slokas are for sure to boost you with good energy to welcome a new business week with more vigor and passion ensuring that you are spiritual all the way through.

Just thought would share this across here. For those interested you can order Amruthavarsha Vol 4 from a local music store or check out from from the following:

  1. Pragnya
Ensure that you are also 'liking' the fan page of Uma Mohan on Facebook here.

Om Namo Venkatesaya!!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Sunday Discovery -- Kelunni Asha Revathy's Official Website

Today whilst casually browsing the internet I came across the versatile actress 'Revathy's official website. Check it out too Revathy is for sure always-vibrant dynamic actress with good movies that speak of her name and fame breaking the preposterous sway of time on mundane things.

Be it a romance discotheque as in Punnagai Mannan, the most naughty pet kid in a joint family (Mouna Ragam), an affectionate-turning-understanding spouse (as turns out during the climax scenes of Mouna Ragam) are all testimonies to her.

Wishes to Revathy Asha for her continued and all-round success in all her ventures!!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Cheerful Good News to all birthday babies of 11 February!

If you closely observe 11 02 (Feb) 2011 it would read the same both forward and backward.  Please note that this is applicable only in dd/mm/yyyy format.

dd mm yyyy

11 02  2011


Let us again join together to wish all the birthday babies of 11 February 2011 'Many Many Happy Returns of the Day'.

Source Courtesy: India Jai Ho

My sweet-kid (Sigi)'s 10th birthday on March 8

Sitagita as she is called and affectionately called as Sigi, would celebrate her 10th birthday on March 8. She was born in the year 2000 March 8 in a humble family setup at Apcom Computers. She had her early schooling at Sify Women portal. You can meet her here: or through Facebook page here.  A childhood photo of Sigi is enclosed along with this post. Her cute animated bird logo with wings flapping and the enchanting babbling quote "A woman's own space. In Cyberspace" is for sure to enthrall anybody. was my first web development project after passing out from college. Interesting modules like 'Thought for the day', 'Wedding Checklist Planner', 'Get a Certificate', 'Shopping Cart' are all things that can never be forgotten. Each and every step was a great learning in Each and every moment with my pet was a jubilant funtime. Sigi was then developed in Microsoft ASP 2.0 with SQL Server 2000.

Sigi: I love you darling!

Just thought I would share this out in my blog.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Is it a dual Valentine's day for me?

Feb 14 is the Valentine's Day wave sweeping its glory and bliss across the universe. Feb 11 assumes another moment of pride and prestige for me since I get to celebrate it as 'my Valentine's' day and the birthday of my better half.

With this Feb 11 expands as an extension of the usual 'November Birthday Month'. In a little moment of jubilation let us open up celebrating this day with The LavanyaDeepak Network's birthday song.

Happy Birthday Dear!!!! Have a blast!