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Wings of Fire -- A Good Book Reading for Self-Improvement

Wings of Fire -- A Good Book Reading for Self-Improvement

While casually reading through the books in the library on Saturday, there was a reference book entitled "Wings of Fire" by Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. Even glancing through a couple of pages, it was an excellent reading and a must for everyone.

The book is actually a biography and by far, the most inspiring biography that has been published in recent years. Dr. Kalam calls to each of us to give Wings to the divine fire within one's self and thus fill or illuminate the world with the glow of its goodness and brightness.

The book is divided into four main parts:
OrientationCreationPropitationContemplationThe orientation phase describes Kalam's tender years till his employment. The creation phase deals with his career at ISRO.The propitation phase explains about his experiences with the defence and missile program. The contemplation phase deals with Kalam rising up to lead India's science and technology and the re…

Kannathil Muthamittal -- A learning for the nations

Kannathil Muthamittal -- A learning for the nationsI seldom watch movies and yesterday being Sunday just was flipping the channels and landed up in KTV and it was screening the film Kannathil Muthamittal. It seemed to be a good story and the remote landed up in its resting position while I watched the movie.
The movie had the essence to move the hearts of even the most stone-flavored since it carries the sentiments of lot of people.A kid away from her homelandA kid away away from her mother right from the birth for no fault of hers.Hundreds and thousands of innocent public who are subjected to innumerable cruelty at the hands of terror strikers and terrorists.What does these terror strikers gain by using pistols and rifles? Are you trying to showcase thier bravery? It was our Father of our Nation (Mahatma Gandhi) who showed us the more promising and powerful weapon called Ahimsa (Non-Violence) which shooed shooed the foriegners from the Indian soil. Even the movie screen sets of the pe…

Microsoft India WebCasts

Microsoft India WebCastsCheck out Microsoft India webcasts delivered direct to your Windows Desktop through the most user-friendly Microsoft LiveMeeting. For the current series of available webcasts by Microsoft MVPs, check out this page.Please note:Each webcast has a upper stipulated capacity of 200 participants. Please try to logon to the session at least about 30 minutes before.This advance login would also ensure that your connection testing is appropriately suitable and also that you have required logon components installed, configured and ready for use.Just click on and get on the edge of the steep learning curve, supported and assisted by experts. The powerpoint presentations archived of the webcasts already completed are available over here.

Katpadi Vs Camp Road

Katpadi Vs Camp Road

Yesterday I was returning home a bit late and there was some traffic snarl near Camp Road, near East Tambaram. The atmosphere of Camp Road, its geographical setup triggered my mental thoughts to travel back by six to seven years during my college days at Vellore Engineering College (now VIT, Deemed University).

Almost there was a complete coincidence of accessibility routes between VEC (now VIT) and Bharat Institute of Higher Education and Research (Deemed University). I fondly recalled that about the plethora of private cum public buses from Vellore town to Katpadi or Chitoor Bus Stand (CBS) and then trying to get some lift or waiting for a long route bus from CBS to VIT on the Katpadi -Tiruvalam highway. Even in the case of Bharat, it seems to be the same case. You can reach Camp Road from Tambaram and Velacherry but you need to wait a while from Camp Road to Bharat on the Agaram Road, near the Indian Air Force area.

Perhaps a unique blend of Roadways and Railways …

Your Opionions Matter

Your Opionions MatterHow many times you have thought about not being able to share your views or opinion about a product or service so that it would be useful to others?How many times you have lamented that there should be some review platform so that before going ahead in purchasing a product or service, you can check out on the same from others before venturing.Stop looking and pondering over. At least from Indian perspective, a host of websites have now mushroomed which pays careful considerations to your thoughts. Check out the following websites:Your Point of View -- Powered by -- Reviews on diversified number of products and services across India and worldwide.Views and Reviews

A Trip To Tiruvallikeni with a VVIP Entry

A Trip To Tiruvallikeni with a VVIP EntryThis Thursday trip To Tiruvallikeni was bit different. I had some work and hence could start to temple only at about 7 PM. After coming to Guindy, at the first, I was bit shaken up the rough crowds and how to manage boarding a bus. Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa. Fortunately, a speeding A18 came by and it was less crowdy. I jumped and got into the bus. Thanks to the high profile traffic snarls of Chennai, it took about some an hour and a half to reach LIC-Santhi junction and caught one more bus to reach the temple by about half past eight. The Thayar Sannithi would always have a queue. For some reason, I need'nt wait and the guy just let me in. And the same happened in the Azhagiya Singar sanctum sanctorum too. Of course for the latter, I had to wait for some ten to fifteen minutes since they had to do some thaligai aradhanam for the night poojas and then open the sanctum sanctorum for public darshan.With bit of drizzling all around the city, caug…

Vijay Divas

Vijay Divas

Looking back seven years. It was the time when Atal Behari Vajpayee, the then Prime Minister of India, completed successfully his Lahore Peace Trip and India was celebrating the success of the same. At the same time, Pakistan was busy putting its pawns in place for a war with India.

Tough battlegrounds, rough terrains, inhospitable climate did not deter our Jawans in the Indian Defence Forces. Several soldiers laid down thier precious lives and the enemy got a stiff opposition and chased from the Indian soils.

It is now seven years since the pride and glory of India has been saved and restored from our enemies. To commomorate this and pay tributes to the brave soldiers in the Kargil war, July 26, when we got the victory in the war has been observed as Vijay Divas.

Let us pay a two minute silence to the Veer Jawans and pray the Lord Almighty to give enormous strenght and all comforts in all terrains and also to pray for the welfare and prosperity of thier families.

Pleasure in the Morning

Pleasure in the Morning

The mornings in Guindy Ekkaduthangal need not always be expected to be always strenous and tainted with busy traffic snarls, reverberating with traffic sounds and horns honking throughout. Today morning, I saw a familiar face in the bus and he was blinking at me too. We know that we had met each other some long back but could'nt immediately understand.

Well! He got down at the same bus stop and me too. Well! No use putting the latent meet. Let us try to break the shell open. He had the HCL ID card anyway on hand so I guessed there is no security hazard even though the first introduction he gave. It was my long long met friend from the company called 3rdAgenda, where I had been working and we are meeting now after the span of four years.

Perhaps amidst the mechanical background of traffic and sound, it was a soothing and consoling meet of long met friends, to add a friendly fragrance and a pleasurable color to the atmosphere, which was bit drizzling and raining…

Celebrating the Two Hundreth Post...

Celebrating the Two Hundreth Post...

Thanks to the enormous patronage, supports, wishes and blessings of millions of readers worldwide, my Personal weblog has stepped into its two hundredth post. Thank you readers!

Weblogs are truly a great and an awesome place of information and knowledge sharing platform. With a plethora of blog readers supporting RSS, Syndication etc technologies to deliver information through the blogosphere right into any compatible device.

Special thanks to Aravinthan and my humble pranams to my tech guru, Varadarajan for lifting me hands on into .NET realm and also the inspiration for my weblogs. I am always indebted to them.

My humble pranams to my parents and my friends and well-wishers for eternal support and guidance.

My favorite thanks to Rocky -- the animated Office Assistant Character in Microsoft Word for inspiring me into writing content, correcting the language and style, keeping my vibrant and dynamic, giving me new ideas and innovations.

Any my most prefe…

Easy and Comfortable Tax Returns

Easy and Comfortable Tax Returns

April and July are two months when we have butterflies running all over our stomachs, for the following simple reasons:

March and April have a silent testimony of the Government whiplashing the citizens with the budget. It is purely lying in the hands of Ministry of Finance whether to bless or curse the citizens with thier magic wand "Budget".The next issue that would confront is the tax deductions at source. If we have'nt concenterated much on the investments, the net take home would have been significantly reduced in these two months.The month of July would witness a new scene like filing and archiving the abovesaid melodrama with a formal official document called Form 16. Thanks to one of my friend that he reminded me on Saturday that we can file the IT return. I was feeling lazy and thought these transactions I can have it on normal weekdays since it would make us tired for the next week. However, I did some homework in having the Form …

Kudos to Indian Army

Kudos to Indian ArmyLet us join together to extend our hearty congratulations and Lord's most choicest wishes and blessings for the Indian Army to bestow all success and prosperity for the Indian Army for the unparalleled humanitarian and noble service that they have showed in rescuing the five year old kid that got entrapped in a sixty feet deep pit, purportedly created for the sake of irrigational purposes. It has been an arduous ordeal and a miserable almost meet with the death for Prince (as he is called; who is a five year old kid from a small village in Gurgaon) since Friday night when he was entrapped in a sixty feet deep pit. The police, as usual, came and saw it but were blinking and ran away. The Fire and Rescue Services were indeed surveyed the entire area and they openly accepted that it should be a herculean task and sought Indian Army's Help. Without delaying further, it was an extra-ordinary humanitarian gesture from Indian Army, without caring about food or res…

Shakthi as in Lalitha Sahasraranamam

Shakthi as in Lalitha SahasraranamamIf you have closely observed Lalitha Sahasranamam, there goes a description for Shakthi like this "Icha Shakthy Gnana Shakthy Kriya Shakthy Swaroopini". The Lordess or the Jagan Matha is revered as the ultimate entity representing the following:Icha ShakthiGnana Shakthi andKriya ShakthiThere is a unique temple combination in Chennai which adopts this approach and devotees are expected to adhere to the schedules like worshipping Icha Shakthi in the morning, Gnana Shakthi in the afternoon (Uchi Kaala Poojai) and Kriya Shakthi towards the evening. The temples are as follows:Meloor Thiruvudai Amman [Icha Shakthi (or) satisfying the aspirations of devotees]Thiruvotriyur Vadivudai Amman [Gnana Shakthi (or) giving enormous knowledge and wisdom]Thirumullaivoil Kodiyudai Amman [Kriya Shakthi (or) assisting in all our deeds and actions] The significance of these temples are briefly described below:Meloor Thiruvudai AmmanThis temple needs to be worshi…

Balalok Fancy Fete 2006

Balalok Fancy Fete 2006Balalok Matriculation Higher Secondary School has an annual Fancy Fete celebration held sometime in July - August 2006. This year's Fancy Fete celebration was held yesterday (22nd July, 2006). Thanks for Paddy for letting all alumni know of the same. I would try to contact Paddy and get you some snaps etc. of the event that was held in our school.

Local Chennai Dialects and Idiomatic Expressions

Local Chennai Dialects and Idiomatic ExpressionsEvery language in the world has its own colloqial and spoken language equivalent.  I would like to draw your attention towards some interesting phrases in Tamil particularly in Chennai. Casual and new visitors to Chennai, I hope, would find this collection a humourous compilation, albeit the fact, it also makes some interesting utility peace of information.I came to know of this information from Prathiba's post in MyTides and Tidings. Check out Madras Bhashai. I wanted to share this with other readers too for simple reason that it presents a finely blend, seamlessly knit humour-tainted real time language use.

Trip To Tiruvallikeni

Trip To Tiruvallikeni

Today's trip to Tiruvallikeni was bit different. It was packed with a plethora of different experiences. I started sometime around 4PM to accompany a friend to Spencer Plaza and from there I travelled to Tiruvallikeni. While I managed to reach Tiruvallikeni about 4:30 PM and had a peaceful darshan of the Lord, the return journey proved to be an arduous ordeal. I just recalled that I was reminded by a friend to try and get a book on Vadagalai Nithyanusandhanam and went to the stall to see if it is available. It was available and priced at the stand at 12. I thought and had been till then that I had a one hundred rupee note. But when I opened the wallet, it was a bolt out of the blue since there were just two fiver rupee notes. And after ransacking the pocket, got a two rupee coin. First tight corner got satisfied amicably.

Well! Next, I had to hunt for the nearest State Bank of India ATM to replenish my wallet. Fortunately my nearest SBI ATM was nearby in Pycrof…

Aadi Month -- Dedicated to Divinity

Aadi Month -- Dedicated to Divinity

This month of Aadi, today it is 3rd day of Aadi is specially observed as only for religious observations and poojas knocking off any pompous celebrations and/or including weddings too. You can actually observe my post on my horoscope match deferred by a month over here.

History of the month

Going by the Dinamalar quotation last week in thier Varamalar supplement, there was a demon called Aadi who posed as Lordess Parvathi and attempted to kill Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva managed to slay him down with this third eye. Lordess Parvathi came to knew of this and she designated this month of Aadi only for religious and spiritual observations.

Even for Sri Vaishnavite, it is a very holy month as Choodik Kodutha Chudarkodi Andal had Her Thiruavataram in the nandavanam of Vishnuchittar (aka) Periazhwar in this month. I would like to share with you the Vaazhith Thirunamam over here:

thiruvaadip pooraththu jagatthudhiththaaL vaazhiyE
thiruppaavai muppadhum cheppinaaL vaa…

Rocky Assists in Horoscope Matches

Rocky Assists in Horoscope Matches

There were some "high level" family talks in the morning between Chennai and Bangalore regarding horoscope matches again. I was asked to have my horoscope typed and sent across the email since an astrologer sitting over there wanted to do a match. Well! A significant deliverable right?

Should I type the horoscope into Tamil? Luckily BhashaIndia's Indic IME (Input Method Editor) came to the rescue. The moment, you install that, Rocky (Microsoft Word) understands Tamil in any of the convenient forms either by Transliteration or via Tamil 99 Keyboard or Tamil Inscript.  With the help of these and Microsoft Word (and the cute little Rocky at the right bottom), the document was prepared and sent across. She did it from her end too, as I learnt from her later in the evening from her text message.

Indic IME is really an excellent transliteration tool and it is very friendly once you learn the tips and tricks of it and understand to type in Tamil…

Weekend Learning

Weekend LearningToday being Saturday and relatively free today, I just casually woke up only at about half past nine. After the initial kalai kadangal , I just thought of paying off the telephone bill which had come last week. But just had a doubt whether these jokers would be working today. I really wonder, why still, Government of India, is following this Second Saturday and Fourth Saturday practices. With private counterparts working round the clock and also offering door-pickup services, I think, BSNL should wake up from thier age old practices and correct themselves.Well! After a bit of travel to K K Nagar Telephone Exchange, I entered at about half past one, right at the time when the exchange was closed and made the payments. When returning back to my workplace, which is at the vicinity, I came across an advertisement and a van of Sankara Netralaya and just thought that I would share this message with all readers.Well! Being a weekend, just do a small exercise. Enter your room …

There is always scope for improvement

There is always scope for improvementThere is nothing like saturation. In any case and is always, there remains always scope for future improvement and growth in our career. Is'nt it? The previous weekend, I was relatively free and have made some small improvements to my weblogs in terms of look and feel, templates, links and blogrolls. Do send me how you feel regarding the changes, the navigation system as feedback or comments.And while setting up the links in the navigation system, there had been some small typos and misses. A couple of links were broken and missing too. Special thanks to Varalakshmi, for bringing this to my attention and these have been addressed and republished. There are more information to come and more milestones to conquer. The journey continues. As the Tamil song in Padayappa says -- March ahead in complete bravery like the lion till you reach the peak. If you have reached the peak, try climbing the skies and conquer the spaces. Here are the lyrics for yo…

Crossed the First Year ...

Crossed the First Year ...My MBA examination results for the first year second semester examinations have just been released by the Alagappa University. With the study center officially issued the books for the next two semesters and the assignment in the fourth semester, I am in the second year of my MBA now. There had been an interesting experience sometime in June, when I went to make the payments and get the books for the third and fourth semesters, which I have described at length here.

Greatness of Women

Greatness of WomenI know it is a bit of delayed post, the delay in the sense, the topic of inspiration which was based on Dinamalar Varamalar dated 9th July, 2006. And particularly, India has a rich heritage in giving enormous significance to womanhood, even putting them on par Godhood. Any river in India is normally named after a woman god like Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Narmada, Tapti, Sindhu, Kaveri.  With these rich heritage in our possession, it is indeed a very sad thing that the current trend of westernization or fake westernization  drives Indian society to cast our woman fraternity in a very obscene state. I am just talking about the most vulgar advertising hoardings, cine posters, flowups in all leading dailies, weeklies and all varied flavors of news clippings.Nevertheless, there is a proverb in Tamil that you can not hide a lamp light that is hosted on top of a hillock. Actually it means the lighthouse, which serves as a valuable guidance for sailors in the sea. No one can h…

Showers of Blessings

Showers of BlessingsYesterday I started a bit early from the workplace. It was about half past nine and it was drizzling a bit. I had an estimate of reaching home before the rains could gather prowess and potential into torrential downpours and/or accompanied with thunderstorms. But it was interesting that before even, my bus crossed the Airport, the showers gained more speed and it was raining cats and dogs.And the usual style of traffic jams started near the Pallavaram and Chromepet. But something I feel these rains are not to be chided and they should be welcomed rather. There are so many places in Tamil Nadu and these month many temples performVaruna Poojas and to please the Rain God not to get angry on the people and the earth and to invoke His divine blessings for the peace and prosperity of the universe. Sarve Jane Sukhino Bhavanthu: Loka Samastha Sukino Bhavanthu:But when the real rain comes, are we prepared to welcome it? Many people immediately scold it. "This stupid ra…

Trading Peace for Penny

Trading Peace for Penny

It is a shame on the current trend of population that wherever you turn there is a trade off for peace for penny and petty benefits. Yes. I am really talking about the brutal blasts in Mumbai and Sri Nagar yesterday by the terrorists. I remember, in my school days, my school correspondent used to shout at the top of his voice, inspite of being a bypass heart surgery patient,when somebody nonchalantly drops the chalk pieces and without properly disposing it in the dustbin just walk over them, thereby littering the entire area. He used to say that we do not have any rights to destroy anything, we have'nt created. Perhaps this is also being strongly emphasized in "The Bhagavad Gita" too. Relating to the chalk piece incidents, since we do not have even the ability to manufacture one bit of chalk piece, do we, on any grounds have the rights to destroy them? Why on earth, the shameless governments still bearing away with these terrorists? They are just a…

Interactive Animations Adding Jazz To Your Webpages or Blogs

Interactive Animations Adding Jazz To Your Webpages or BlogsHave your ever thought that you can add a simple animation to your weblog or a website that keeps animating and makes it very interactive. The animation must be asynchronous meaning, it should be in a corner of the page similar to what we have in Microsoft Office desktop applications like the Rocky Dog, Links Cat, Merlin Magician etc.I found out this website, BunnyHero Labs, that seems to offer flash animations. The website is still a new one, I guess and hence it has only a very restricted set of animations for each character. We hope they would be adding more animation characters, more animation sequences for each character etc and make it more rich. Check out the website for more details. I am sure, most of the characters would enthrall your heart and capture a place in your webpages.

Karaikal Mango Fruit Festival Today

Karaikal Mango Fruit Festival TodayThe most significant temple town of Pondicherry -- Karaikkal, looks colorful today as the full moon day in the month of Aani-Aadi, they celebrate it as Mango fruit festival for Karaikkal Ammaiyar.  The belief is that Ammaiyar (lady saint), gave food and mangoes to Bhikshatanar (Lord Shiva). To commomerate this incident, curd rice with mango is distributed on this festival day, in the big hall adjacent to the temple.Check out the full details of the Mango Fruit festival from Karaikal page over here.

Dictionary of Slangs

Dictionary of SlangsWatched an English Movie?
Was in conversation with a native American?Were you bewildered by the set of fluent terms and phrases used by them and unable to find them in a standard dictionary? I am sure you would also be afraid of asking them since it would be more embarrasing on the developing rapport.Check out this dictionary of slangs website.Disclaimer: Urban Dictionary may not be appropriate for all types of audience. Please apply thought before visiting the same. You were advised.

WebPage Update Complete

WebPage Update CompleteDue to unforeseen technical (?) circumstances, my personal website needed to be taken offline. It had remained offline for a significant amount of time, till today afternoon, when I caught a bit of it, restored its contents from the backup storages.Now my personal website is back in full. You can check it out at for your patience and patronage when the website was experiencing an unforeseen and unprecedented downtime.

Television Channels with a definite difference

Television Channels with a definite differenceThank God and nowdays there is a miraculous escape from clumsy television channels always airing programmes patronizing violence, supporting castiesm and encouraging pornography under the pretext of glamaur. I am not pointing to one particular news channel perhaps in a way or other almost all these folks claiming to be entertainment service providers fall under the same category.Sometime back, which flipping channels, I came across this television channel called 'Sanskar' with the slogan Hamari Sanskruthi Hamari Virasat. All 24 hours in the TV programme, you can find some religious presentations like Bhagavatam discourse by Parama Poojya Sri Mridul Krishna Maharaj, who is a veteran proponent and an expert spiritual discourse deliverer of Srimad Bhagavadham. I would strongly recommend the readers to check out with thier cable operators and have this television channel telecasted to you as it is an immense value and an eternal bliss …

200th Year of Vellore Mutiny -- Milestone of Indian Independance Fight

200th Year of Vellore Mutiny -- Milestone of Indian Independance Fight(From the pages of Indian History)The Indian Independance fight that was ranging for more than two hundred years against the British Raj has seen a number of freedom fighters laying down thier precious lives for the sake of thier mother land. Be it, Bhagat Singh (who was revered as Sher-e-Punjab aka 'Lion of Punjab') who was hung for his upheaval against foriegn invasion into India or 'Jhansi Rani' Lakshmi Bhai or Mangal Pandey ('Sepoy Mutiny').It was about the same day in 1806 (July 10th) that there was a minor upheaval by Indian soldiers against the British regime of the East India Company in the Vellore fort. It served as a valuable  predecessor for Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 by about fifty years. About one hundred and thirty British soliders were killed in the mutiny.The prime reason for the mutiny was nonchalant attitude of the then British Raj towards the sentiments of the soldiers and bringi…

Happy Day

Happy DayIt is most happier day today recieving an email from my Microsoft MVP TechLead (Abhishek Kant) that I have been selected as Microsoft MVP in ASP.NET category.More details over here.

LRAMP -- Lemelson Recognition and Mentoring Programme

LRAMP -- Lemelson Recognition and Mentoring ProgrammeLRAMP is a joint initiative of IIT Madras and Rural Innovations Network (RIN), Chennai. Do you an innovating public service invention or a discovery that you are not able to implement due to lack of patronage or financial support or red tape bureaucracy? LRAMP is here to support your cause. The following are the services rendered by LRAMP for innovators:Patronage of InnovationSupporting and Aiding the Inventors with plans and appropriate roadmaps.Assistance in developing prototypes.Supporting in various trials and test procedures.Test MarketingThe following three factors is where LRAMP would majorly support innovators:Nourishing InnovationsFunding InnovationsMentoring InnovationsApplication Process:Write a brief writeup about your invention/discovery or innovation.How is your product innovative or different from others or existing ones?How does your innovation benefit the society?Personal Demographics Details:NameAgeReligion/Caste/C…

Onset of Monsoons -- Safety Precautions are Necessity of the Day

Onset of Monsoons -- Safety Precautions are Necessity of the DaySouth West Monsoons have already started its incessant rain in the Western Ghats region, in India. There have been scattered showers in the other regions too.  About the sametime, I guess, areas in United States of America too experience hurricanes and floods. There has been a widespread message in Indian newspapers and dailies about the various precautions that are to be taken up towards cyclones and floods.I would like to give a short writeup here, as a service to the society. Feel free to circulate this URL among your friends so that everyone is informed and protected against natural calamities like Cyclones and/or Floods. The following are based from National Disaster Management Division, Government of India Press Release.CyclonesStay attentive to the latest weather warnings on TV/Radio. Pass this information to others.Pay careful heed to all the warnings from the official sources.Do not spread rumors. Trust only info…