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Bit busy this week

I was bit busy and am too, this week. I had to take my Driving Test @Chennai RTO and get my License, which I got just today evening. Perhaps my flat purchase is still going with some bit of negotiations. This and more, I would update in this blog shortly.

Life at C S Software (11-August-2001 to 04-04-2004)

Life at C S Software (11-August-2001 to 04-04-2004)

Oh Well! After a long long tenure at this company called C S Software Solutions, it is time that I bid adieu to you. There were'nt any single point reason though. It was a multi-faceted reason.

My joining in C S Software itself was accidental. An out-of-process recruitment. It was purely out of mercy that Francis Xavier, the then HR strongly talked and recommended to Srinivas (CEO) to pull me aboard. It was a pleasurable accident since in that period of 2001, I was suffering because of closing down shutters of my old company (Chrysolite Enterprises P Ltd) due to IT Wreckage or IT Slowdown in 2001.

One fine day in 10th July 2001, I got a call from Francis. "We are a MNC in Chennai. We actually need some body who can train our guys in ASP for a couple of days." Oh! Man! After a bit of software experience, the situation has become so worse, to take up training works!? But I silently ignored it. Francis was strong on that and …

The Significance of March 8

March 8 is celebrated worldwide as International Women's Day. For us, the classic development team in our erstwhile, it is more significant, since it also signifies the launch (or affectionately) the birthday of our dear   , which now proudly serves as a part of Sify Women Network.
My personal website takes pride in celebrating the birthday of our kid. Just visit and have your browser to allow Popup Windows. A simple birthday greeting would popup, wishing this little girl.

It is a pleasure to convey my humble birthday wishes to my little girl. An Advanced Many Many Happy Returns of the Day...