Sunday, July 22, 2012

Photo portfolio with webcam fun ...

Portfolio 7/22/2012
 Just another Sunday but after a hectic chores completed, I just thought would play around a while with webcam and test my skills on photoshop a bit with various effects.

Whatever came up has been compiled in the enclosed album. Do share your views on the same too. Perhaps some  of the quick changes in this photo compared to previous ones are:

  1. Change in spectacles following an intensively comprehensive eye examination at Gaddie Eye Center about a couple of months back.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Change of 'Lavanya' is unwarranted!

I am not what is causing Vikatan Televistas to make these leaps-and-bounds changes in the character roles of 'Thendral' serial. Sometime back, 'Bhuvana''s role saw a change from Aishwarya to Sudha. Now it is turn for 'Lavanya' to see the change from 'Neelima' to 'Shalu Kurian'.

Shalu might have a quick glamourous flare on her face but it can not compare with the convincing vision of 'Neelima' that fits the character of 'Lavanya' better. Particularly when the serial is having important turning points like Bhuvana's shady deals being unearthed, Neelima in my view would befit the role more better.

The other significant thing of the serial currently is Bhuvana's pretense of being a timed cancer patient to garner support for her malicious objectives. Poor Thulasi  should realize that all are not saints which go to church. Also it is simply so much disturbance to her distracting from the studies. And I simply can not understand still what is going on with Nitish. Whose side is he supporting?

Key Resources:

  1. Erstwhile 'Lavanya's Twitter: neelimaesai
  2. Thamizharasu (Deepak Dinkar)'s Twitter: Deepak dinkar
  3. Thendral Fan Page in Facebook