Wednesday, January 27, 2010

An interesting quotation behind a Tata Innova observed today morning

An interesting quotation behind a Tata Innova observed today morning
Today morning near Velachery Vijayanagar terminus there was heavy traffic snarl. When the vehicles were inching bit-by-bit, I observed a Tata Innova with an interesting quotation written in its back window:
No Girl Friend; No Tension.
I just thought I would share this with observation with others too.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Save Srirangam from the bureaucratic clutches of Government of Tamil Nadu

Save Srirangam from the bureaucratic clutches of Government of Tamil Nadu

Whilst casually browsing through a few weblogs, I saw a quite shocking news about the malefic hatred objective of Government of Tamil Nadu in proposing to take over the nandavanam ('The Holy Garden') of Sri Rangam temple. Check out this blog post over here. There is also a hosted petition to voice our support towards the noble cause of saving the temple resource over here.

There are tonnage of constructive items for the state administration to improve upon the lifestyle of the people in the state and redressing their grievances. I really am surprised many times people behave weird and crazy driven by political vendetta and disturb each other's sentiments and beliefs.

Let us appeal with solidarity to the administration and the Lord to get this malefic effort halted and have the beautiful garden saved.

Checkout and Checkin

Checkout and Checkin

This post is just a simple fun comparison between checkout and checkin with reference to hospitality industry (hotels) and technology configuration management tools (like source control)

  1. Checkout (in hospitality industry): The latest time you would need to depart from the room by settling the bills.
    (Technology): The act of preparing a file for editing and making changes to the same, which is protected by source control.
  2. Checkin (in hospitality industry): The process of signing up formally with the hotel helpdesk and taking up your room.
    (Technology): The act of saving back the changes made on the file to the source control.

While for hospitality industry a typical checkin process happens before checkout itself; in the case of technology the reverse of the process is the reality reserving the fact that first addition of the file is classified distinctly as 'Add to source control' [which can also be deemed as a checkin process] :)

The Bliss of Solitude

The Bliss of Solitude

There had been a little steady stream of events right from the end of December 2009 plundering and sabotaging my peace of mind contributed from a steady set of quarters. Thanks to my very favorite Ashram in Coimbatore and their meditation practices and my Todolist (now powered by Google Apps) the general productivity level has just touched the threshold red-alert border without dipping further anymore.

The week ago I had a conversation with my Guruji and I believe my new year assurances ("Go Back Tension") would now get empowered with little more refinements from the night of 26th January 2010 00:00 hours or before that forthwith. I love Wordsworth for his ability to love the essence of daffodils during the periods of solitude. Quoting the verses:

For oft, when on my couch I lie
in vacant or in pensive mood,
They flash upon that inward eye
Which is the bliss of solitude;
And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And dances with the daffodils.

My recent trip to India MVP Open Day at Hyderabad and the sweet little environment further empowered this greatly.

The waves beside them danced; but they
Out-did the sparkling waves in glee:

A poet could not but be gay,
In such a jocund company
I gazed -- and gazed -- but little thought
What wealth the show to me had brought

My circumference to the mundane world would now run through another stringent filters which might cause a shrinkage in order to cause a run down on the excess surplus fat gathered but as a matter of fact I would rather plan on envisaging a more promising and convincing circle that is helpful to the community and world at large.

For those interested in reading the full verses of 'The Daffodils' by William Wordsworth, please click on here.

My mobile had already embraced the prepaid culture from the first week of new year to bring in chosen cost-effective trends, wallet-friendly measures and economical usage of the telephone. This alongwith the refined policy from Republic Day Eve of India would for sure work out charms. Wish me!

Scorching Hot Sun Right in January itself

Scorching Hot Sun Right in January itself

The hot summer seems to be peeping in this year quite early; rather as early as January itself. Till about 6.30 it is so cold and just at 7 AM the sharp prickly rays of Sun start to trouble us when we start out to our day-to-day chores.

We need to ensure that we stay cool and secure indoors maintaining low profile. Though air conditioning and other luxury things might not affordable to each one of us at least a little newspaper hand fan should be helping us a great deal.

Let us also see if we can help out the poor animals by giving them some water when we see them in the sun.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Safety -- You will regret if you forget

Safety -- You will regret if you forget

This is an observation from a road safety slogan put up by Hyderabad Traffic Police, near Microsoft India IDC in Gachibowli. The slogan reads very interesting:

Safety -- You will regret if you forget

I believe everyone should make an honest and humble endeavor to remember this slogan each time when they commute and/or travel on public roads. In the similar vein, I would also like to share Chennai Suburban City Traffic Police which supports and upholds blood donation and road safety in one quick precise sentence:

"Donate blood; Not To Road" which is also inscribed in Tamil as:
ரத்த தானம் செய்; சாலைக்கு அல்ல

You needn't be a silent mute spectator for the anti-social things around you any more ...

You needn't be a silent mute spectator for the anti-social things around you any more ...

India's premiere television channels now equip and empower every citizen of the nation with more power to their voice in expressing and sharing out bad things that happen around them so that the hitherto lazy bureaucratic red tape administrative personnel are kicked to be more active to redress their grievances at the earliest. I just thought of sharing two things which I observed:

  1. Initiative by Aaj Tak: You can now send out details about incidents that you witness to reporter (at)
  2. Initiative by Jaya TV: You can now send out details about incidents of crime, administrative inactions to pugarplus (at)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Prepaid Cellular -- More Control and Flexible

Prepaid Cellular -- More Control and Flexible

When it truly comes to a more control and flexible cellular connection, I believe a prepaid should be a best bet choice. Whilst service providers argue that they present enviable number of bill payment options for the comfort and convenience of the users, recharging a prepaid is no big deal. Be it online or your local dukanwala can help you recharge your cellular connection really fast and amazing.

A few online services that I came across to help quick and easy recharging of mobile connections are:

  1. Fast Recharge
  2. Recharge it now
  3. Recharge Today
  4. Apna Bill
Besides this your banker should also most probably offering a quick recharge through their internet banking services. Check with your banker for more details.

Note: Hyperlinks to select service providers are provided as an illustration and comfort to the people. I have not personally/comprehensively tried those services and hence can not vouch or endorse on the reliability and trust of those services. Hence please exercise sufficient caution and due diligence attention whilst transacting with those service providers.

Bribeline -- Business Registry for International Bribery and Extortion

Bribeline -- Business Registry for International Bribery and Extortion

Whilst checking my email came across this website called Bribeline, an initiative by Trace International. This seems to be an international mission by non-governmental organizations to raise the standards of Anti-bribery compliance. The details requested from the bribe victim and very less and not much personal information is collected in the website.

I hence thought I would share these URLs for the benefit of everyone.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Solar Eclipse Alerts from Aaj Tak

Solar Eclipse Alerts from Aaj Tak
This year 2010 has been dawning on the eclipses and hence astrologers advise us time and again to exercise utmost vigil and caution besides doing appropriate propitiations to the planets depending upon individual horoscopes. The new year itself witnessed a lunar eclipse and less than fifteen days from the new year, Happy Pongal festival witnesses a longest solar eclipse.
Aaj Tak was telecasting special shows with eminent astrologers yesterday to get the planetary forecasts for different zodiac signs. A quick search on the internet also revealed that the same is available on YouTube too. Check it out here.

Now you can get your photos scanned for free from Rediff

Now you can get your photos scanned for free from Rediff

Ever wondered where to locate a good scanner to digitize your photo in good quality but don't have a scanner with you. Rediff has an innovative service called 'Scan a Snap', which I came across whilst locating an information.

All one has to do is to send a non-returnable snap/photograph (along with your Rediff Homepage nickname, email address and telephone number behind the snap) to the following address:

Rediff Communication Limited,
1st Floor,Mahalaxmi Engg. Estate
L.J. First Cross Road, Mahim (W)
Mumbai - 400 016.

Rediff takes about four days to have the photo scanned and then they send you the same by email. There a few few fineprints with this service which may kindly be noted:

  1. The photographs are non-returnable.
  2. There is an upper cap of four photographs per user.
  3. Cost: FREE

You can check out for more information from here.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

VITAA Day 2010 Invitation

VITAA Day 2010 Invitation

Just received an email from VITAA confirming the Annual Alumni Meet scheduled to be held on 26th January 2010. The text of the invitation is included below as a humble service to my alma mater and to ensure that other VITians can get this message so that they can try to schedule their calendars to attend the alumni meet.

Dear friends,

Greetings from VITAA (VIT Alumni Association) !!

You are invited on behalf of VIT Management and VITAA Office bearers we invite you and your family members to attend the VITAA Day 2010 (Annual Alumni Get-together) on 26th Jan. (Tuesday) in VIT.

Our beloved Chancellor, Pro-Chancellors, VITAA Office bearers, Faculty, Staff & Students of VIT will be happy to meet you at VIT on 26th Jan. 2010.

Please register at:

Welcome to the VIT's 26th year celebrations on the 26th Jan. 2010.


Please visit: to view the VITAA Annual Alumni News Letter 2009-10.

Please forward this message to all your friends (VITAA members).

For further details, kindly contact Mr.J.Krishnakumar, Alumni Officer, email: ;

Mobile: +91-9443311361 ; Landline: +91-416-2202248.

Please stay in-touch.

See you on Jan. 26th in VIT.

VITAA - We Share ; We Care

Thanks & Regards,

  1. V.G. Sridhar
    Secretary-General, VITAA.
  2. D. Venkaatesh
  3. P. Srikanth

Monday, January 11, 2010

Go Back, Tension!

Go Back, Tension!

I was reading an old article of Indian Independance when in 1928 there was a huge movement against the 'Simon Commission' called 'Go Back Simon'. Something interesting struck my mind

I think starting this Pongal we should nurture a similar thought 'Go Back Tension'. It is better to give back the tension to the originators itself than we shouldering it without any need. Stress and tension mostly eat away the productivity both in personal and professional cadres.

Some people try to feed these vectors to us because of their own patented idiotic idiosyncrasies. Rather we succumbing to it, if we can give them back that should make use feel lighter so that there is more room for productive thoughts.

In less than forty-two hours, we celebrate Bhogi. Bhogi is a unique festival in India wherein the old things are destroyed and the house is painted and decorated with new things. We should take a cue from this festival in that we destroy the evil thoughts from our mind and nurture noble thoughts only. Besides this, if there are factors contributing to the reality of succumbing us (or at least abetting that act), I wouldn't lessen the severity of the rule that we should firewall ourselves from such factors whatsoever.

We wish you 'Happy and Prosperous Pongal' to one and all. Let Bhogi destroy all evil from our physical and mental circles thus paving way to prosperity of wealth and happiness to bloom and fill our wallets and heart!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

"Lavanya -- The Essence of Beauty" is the theme of ITC 2010 Calendar

"Lavanya -- The Essence of Beauty" is the theme of ITC 2010 Calendar

ITC has released a beautiful desktop calendar for the year 2010. The elegant calendar carries the theme name of 'Lavanya -- The Essence of Beauty'.

You can download the small 6.5 mega bytes calendar from here.