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My Treasured Holy Sunday Sabbath ...

Today since early morning it had been very impeccably religious for me and the divine Saatvik vibrations had been reverberating through my home thanks to Uma Mohan.  I had a little work and hence woke up early. Simultaneously I tuned on 'Amruthavarsha Volume 4' and specifically the Suprabatam songs.

Slowly was listening to a few Sacred Chants collections when my friend, Rajameenakshi pinged me on Facebook and tipped me to hear the live webcast of Naadha Vaibhavam from Perungalathur in the holy presence of Sri Sri Ravishankar ji.

Perhaps those getting to read this post at this time (9 AM Eastern of 30th January 2010) can try visiting to view and join the webcast.

The holy vibrations did set off a few more good things. A lot of unneeded dirt was forced into a recycling making the apartment truly holy and look spic-and-span.

Manmadhan Ambu -- A Critical Movie Review

The Universal Hero Kamalhasan seems to have falsified our hopes of giving a thoughtful film through this crappy product. I am sorry but have to be frankly admitting the fact. Some of the best films of Kamal were as below:

Chachi 420/Avvai Shanmugi -- Strong support of family ethics even challenged by external factors; embedded with lust-less lustrous comedyPanchatantiram -- Passionate love for Mythili from Ram CM (aka) Ramachandra Moorthy. The divine seed between life partners should be sowed with trust. When the basic 'trust' is missing and the 'apprehensions' are a catapult on the fine fabric of divine relationship I don't think they are travelling anywhere. With the emphasis on trust and transparency alone is the only thing the film has in positive. The minuses are a lot. Romance is a mild p0rnSongs are a amiss.Sorry Kamal. Can not approve. We would like to see you to radically refine your ways in giving films like Chachi 420 wherein comedy and family welfare reig…

The Purification of the Atman and the Physique by Agni

Knowingly and unknowingly we get a lot of dirt in our body and our mind. Our rich heritage has a lot of power to introspect real deep into us and get it cleared. One such gem is Viraja Homa Mantra. I just came across a few lyrics of Viraja Homa Mantra from Swami Shraddhananda website page here. Check them out here.

om pranapana-vyanodana-samana me
suddhyantam jyotiraham viraja vipapma bhuyasam - svaha || 1||

om vanmanas-chaksuh srotra-jihvaghran areto buddhyakutih sankalpa me
suddhyantam jyotiraham viraja vipapma bhuyasam - svaha || 2||

om tvak-carma-mamsa-rudhira-medo majjasnayavo'sthîni me
suddhyantam jyotiraham viraja vipapma bhuyasm - svaha || 3||

om sirah pani pada parsvapasthorudhara-jangha-sisnopastha-payavo me
suddhyantam jyotiraham viraja vipapma bhuyasam - svaha || 4||

uttistha purusa harita pingala lohitaksi dehi dehi dadapayita me
suddhyantam jyotiraham viraja vipapma bhuyasam - svaha || 5||

There is more detail about this in the wiki page too. You can listen to Viraja…

My Desktop's Screen Saver

Today in the evening whilst fiddling with my desktop just setup the screensaver which ships with the distribution. Just thought would share a screenshot of the same here:

Groping in the dark of volume control ...

Around a week back after setting up my desktop with Ubuntu 10.04 environment I was on a cleaning spree to make the desktop cleaner. And I knocked out the Volume Control applet that was tucked near the top. I had then lot of issues in adjusting the audio. After several (re-)searches I found the Indicator Applet in 'Add to Panel ...' option which was the one that had the mail, network, Rhythmbox and volume control.

CityVille seems to be suffocoating on business expansions ...

After running for a while and just in around Level 36 CityVille discloses its inability to allow more franchise lots for 'The LD Heaven'. This is a crazy way of limiting businesses particularly when your city is on its expansion and growth path. Hope Zynga development team addresses this limitations and fix it fast.

Virus Bomb Attack II -- Action Foiled

About two days back the person who bombed me earlier with scary viruses were trying out now with password protected zip file containing another set of deadly viruses. I just wanted to let them know through their other post that my system no longer knows what a virus is. Because I no longer use Windows and/or no longer can not afford one as my primary desktop operating system nor my business does. I do use Windows at work at in a different workstation which does not have email/internet access.

Furthermore I would also like to notify them that their identity has been confirmed and the two-letter hardware manufacture organization's security team has been tipped off regarding their malicious intentions. A copy of all the emails has also been recorded with Computer Emergency Response Team (India). I have also recalled a past bleak incident regarding an obscene email attack on the other part of me. 

Hence next time if this user is going to count message bombs it is not me that is goin…

Winter Showers on 26th January 2011

There has been incessant wintry showers since morning. It wasn't just another set of snowfalls but ice flakes and strong winds. Despite having multiple layers of warm dressing and carrying umbrellas to protect yourself from ice showers one can witness wading through at least two inches of snow.

The weather forecasts warn at least 6+ inches of snow tonight and a severe weather alert through the state.  Just a snapshot of my Ubuntu's desktop weather watch is shared across here:

Despite stiff inclement weather I managed to clip a few snaps and have shared across here. Pardon me for the low resolution because I have a really old dumb low resolution mobile camera over here.

There are a few learnings from this video:

A maiden venture to transmit 3G2 files to a video publishing website rather than bugging around an intermediate FLV conversion procedures.All videos were less than 10 seconds because otherwise my mobile is not able to Pix-Transmit the message and I don't have any othe…

Om Namo Bhagavathe Rudraya

A few lines (extracts) from the sweet nectar of Sri Maha Rudram:

OM Namo Bhagavate Rudraya Vishnave mrityume pahi
Prananam granthirasi rudro ma vishantakaha. Tenan nenapyayasva.
OM Namo Bhagavate Rudraya Vishnave mrityume pahi Prananam granthirasi rudro ma vishantakaha. Tenan nenapyayasva.

[Requoted from]

Om Triambakam Download Tip

I have been hearing from a lot of people that they are unable to download the 'Om Triambakam' ringtone from the URL which we discussed here. People were found quoting that their service providers were not listed by the website. I would like to suggest the following alternative steps to download the same onto their mobiles. Before that please ensure that your mobile supports MP3 ringtones.

Click on 'Save to PC'. This should download the MP3 file onto your local hard disk. Now you can use an USB cable to connect your mobile with the system to transfer the file to the mobile. Alternatively if your mobile and PC support bluetooth you can switch on bluetooth on both the places get them discover each other to transfer the files from PC to your mobile.If your mobile supports WAP browsing then you can browse to and type in a1988649 into code NR box.If you still need assistance kindly let me know so that I can assist you further but remember that there might …

Satyam Satyam Ravi Nandana [A Quick Shani Deepika -- An appeal to Lord Shani Dev]

I just saw a small quote over here ( referred from 'Marriage Strike' fan page of Facebook comparing that 498a turbulences are more heavier than the rage of Saade Saati (otherwise known as ஏழரை நாட்டுச் சனி). Perhaps that was the seed for me to write a small appeal or prayer (or in a very humble gesture a little scribbling screaming request to Lord Shanidev, the hard task master of the Universe). 'Deepika' means newspaper or a summary of news. Though I don't want to boast in composing this small composition in praise of Lord Shani and as an appeal it is our custom to introduce ourselves ('Abhivadhanam'). That is the reason I chose to name this quick composition as 'Deepika' (the name itself tweaked from 'Deepak')
All prayers for world peace and solidarity are answered in more vigor when there are more voices. Let us together pray to the Almighty for a peaceful universe for every entity in this universe.
****Over to the de…

The most joyous and successful Thiruppavai/Pongal celebrations ...

I would say Pongal 2011 has the most joyous and successful Thiruppavai/Pongal celebrations in more than one quarter.

Whoa! Happy Pongal and Makara Sankranthi 2011 wishes to everyone.

A synopsis:

A sense of victory over evil.A gesture of spiritual enlightenment.A wave of spiritual saatvik energy being flown into me. A feeling of negative/distressing energies steadily fading away.Now the details. The Thiruppavai Margazhi Mahotsavam was LavanyaDeepak started on December 4 itself (around two weeks before the scheduled start of Thiruppavai -- December 16). A few moronic satanic devils were attempting sabotage of scheduled start of Margazhi month and Bhogi (Jan 13/Jan 14) too only to have their arse kicked off.iPing helped me like Andal Herself giving a wakeup call at 0500 hours the entire Margazhi month. Despite the inclement weather and being cloudy till 1230 and now again cloudy during the time when I just completed preparing the maiden-Pongal, the Lord Sun was brightly smiling with His spa…

Makara Jyothi Tragedy -- Political Terrorism in Sabarimala?

Due to the crazy politics and lazy police and security forces, the divine Hills of Sabarimala have been forced to witness a gruesome stampede claiming upto and beyond 102 people in a weird bizarre incident during the holy Makara Jyothi on 14th January 2011.

Check out the news here. Whilst we observe a two-minute silence for the peace of the departed souls, I would like to draw everyone's attention to a few eerily scary thoughts that have been going around Sabarimala.

The most choicest abode of the Lord had been the victim of politics and rampant Christian missionary propagation (who lobby in the dirty government) time and again. We can find crazy Christian pamphlets being distributed right near Nilakkal too -- all with the patronage of the cops and crazy Kerala politicians.We did have another hysteric proposal from the brainless political administrators in July which can be seen over here. I think it is something similar to the story in Maanagara Kaval where the New Delhi police wo…

Mahaan Serial Title Song Lyrics -- Pongal Celebration

A while back we discussed about 'The Gift of the Magi'. Just today evening after I returned from work and was surfing the internet got hold of the lyrics of the song in a Star TV forum website.  I just thought would share the same along with jotting down a brief translation of the same for the benefit of everyone. You can find both the lyrics and translation in this post below.

If you are in my Facebook friend network, then you can view a quick slideshow of this song over here.
Lyrics in Tamil:
உலகமெல்லாம் ஓடி உனை தேடி நான் ஏங்கவோ உயிருக்குள்ளே ஜோதி விழி மூடி அதை பார்க்கவோ
உனை பாட மொழியும் இல்லை உனை காண விழியும் இல்லை இறைவன் அருளே உனதடி சரணமே அடைந்து விடவோ கலந்து விடவோ நினைந்து விடவோ
நதியில் ஒரு படகிலே உடுப்பிலார் பயணமே நதியும் உனதே படகும் உனதே மனமரியுமோ 
பிறவி தரும் வினைகளே வினைகள் தரும் பயன்களே குருவின் அருளே வினைகள் தீர்க்கும் விதி புரியுமோ 
மறுமையும் இம்மையும் உனதில் இதில்  இன்பமும் துன்பமும் மனதிலே
இறப்பதும் பிரிவும் முடிந்து போய் விட எனதுயிர் உன் பதம் சேருமோ ஆதி அந்தம் ஆன எந்தன் இறைவா

Created a small ringtone on 'Triambakam ...'

My Samsung Alias would now recite the Sri Maha Mrutyunjaya Mantra when anyone calls my phone, in the melodious enchanting and divine voice of Uma Mohan. I have also shared the ringtone for the benefit of the world over here.

Let the new year be a happy and prosperous new year to one and all. Let me know if you have any issue downloading the ringtone. Please note that your mobile should be able to play MP3 files to use the ringtone.

Another celebration milestone at "The LD Heaven"

"The LD Heaven" has another milestone to celebrate. Check out the attachment from Zynga Gazette.

Happy New Year 2011 to everyone!