Saturday, October 29, 2011

A mandatory need for renaissance

It is frustrating to see the situation in some of the developing and developed countries where the evil are prospering and the good people are suffering. The country which had been the benchmark for the world nations and considered super-power once is struggling to protect the lifestyle of its citizens. A host of unscrupulous immigrants are taking good advantage when the nation is suffering. The current government seems to be giving tall claims of various 'war-footing strategies' to improve the situation but the economy which has been ransacked and ravaged by the previous blood-hound leads seems to be in deep pit just like bhooma devi in the clutches of Hiranyakshan. Where is Bhoo Varahan and Lakshmi Narasimhan to resurrect the nation and the earth?

The city of sky scrapers witnesses a large scale of selling of properties for the sake of food. The city of cars is witnessing people preferring to transit because of the state of affairs. I fondly recall the 'Unnal Mudiyum Thambi' song here.

The administrations can not go this slow. At least on an individual power I have investigated about scores of organizations and filed reports. A good deal of such research is being summarized in Business Ethical.

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