Sunday, September 23, 2012

Thendral -- Is it a variant of Nirmala?

In my view, 'Thendral' seems to be going in the path of Nirmala by Munshi Premchand. Here is the synopsis of 'Nirmala'.

Nirmala is a story of a little girl who is married at an age of 15 to a person who is 20 years elder to her  after her first marriage being cancelled due to dowry reasons. Nirmala’s husband tries all tactics to woo her but she has only respect and a sense of duty for him and not the love which he expects to develop in her. By his first wife, Totaram has three sons and the eldest is just one year elder to Nirmala. Nirmala who is so tender and inexperienced does not understand that why she likes being with the eldest son and hates her husband. Why she can be comfortable with the son but becomes uncomfortable at even the sight of his man. Then by the inferiority complex and Nirmala’s cold attitude towards Totaram, a seed of mistrust is sown and from there starts the downfall of everything which Nirmala lays her hands on. One by one all the sons die. They lose all wealth and property. Some other deaths also occur.

Thendral: Thendral is a moving episode where the little girl 'Tulasi' goes through an untold set and unwavering unperturbed waves of miseries from relatives of all quarters. Right from being exposed to being a victim of under-age marriage, domestic violence, societal maligning of her name, de-motivation, denial of basic/skilled education, denial of peaceful and harmonious marriage life, so on and so forth.

These incidents are not isolated. Whilst 'Nirmala' represents our female fraternity from northern parts of our subcontinent, 'Thendral Tulasi' stands testimony of the sufferings undergone by downtrodden girls in the southern part of the nation.

Our governments seems to be setting up vacuum claims like 'Sexual Exploitation Prevention at Workplace', 'DV and other acts. All these are just being used illegally by baddies to advance their bestial instincts. The true benefit of these laws is continuing to be an Utopian dream. We can not forget the heinous workplace violences unleashed by beasts against our female fraternity that easily. We can not overlook the callousness of the state administration demonstrating their extreme lethargy in bringing the culprits before the law. We would like to recall two incidents in this perspective:

  1. The Tragic Prathiba -- II
  2. Security of Women Under Serious Question
We hope the citizens adjudicate the current administration appropriately in the upcoming elections!

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