Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Mobile Phone -- When and When not to use... [Part II]

Mobile Phone -- When and When not to use... [Part II]

Sometime back we were discussing over here about some good and bad practices that we need to observe while using Mobile Phones to make it best communication partners. Perhaps for the past one week, as I watch the Television and also a couple of new hoardings at vantage points in the city of Chennai has come up, courtesy Hutchison Essar, in a supporting vien to this argument.

Perhaps, this Part II discussion is an earnest and humble step to share these good thoughts that the Hutch Network operator is trying to spread for the benefit of all users. To take it further interesting,  Hutch has also dedicated a page in thier website for Mobile Etiquette.

The significant ones that are being discussed in the advertisement are:

  1. A word before any picture.
    Ask for permission before you take anyone's picture on your mobile phone. A little kid in the ad would throw the mobile down on the floor with much force.
  2. "Ali baba and Forty Tring Trings"
    This is what the banner ad in the hoarding goes. The thought conveyed is that you need to exercise good mobile phone etiquette while you are in a public library.

    Not everybody likes the same ringtone as you. Not everybody are in the mood to listen ringtones. We need to learn to respect others time and resources as well.

Let us take this occasion to appreciate and thank Hutch for bringing out a good social message on Mobile Phone Etiquette.

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