Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Boating at Velacherry

Boating at Velacherry

The incessant rains in Chennai have caused several parts of the city from being inundated with knee-deep and waist-deep water. With Met department further forecasting windspeeds to the tune of 45 mph and thunderstorms, it is setting shockwaves to people dwelling in low-lying areas.

With all these, the suburban Velacherry, my friend was saying was giving a different picture altogether. People have chosen boat service too commute from residence to Vijayanagar terminus and back.

Also, the traffic snarls at Velacherry checkpost to Guindy too seems to have heightened greatly. While it takes less than 35 minutes for a travel from Tambaram to Velacherry, journey from Velacherry to Tambaram takes an hour and a half, for a distance which is 45% less than the former.

Rain is a blessing definitely, but with poor storm water drains and poor receptive mechanisms in Chennai, it seems to be a mixed blessing for the people.

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