Sunday, November 06, 2005

Coping up with the Challenged Speech Abilities

Coping up with the Challenged Speech Abilities

Of late, I wanted to discuss this item particularly for freshers just out of colleges and also for persons who are physiologically challenged with respect to fluent speaking, which may depict as stammering and or stuttering as different people call different way. I don't think this is an handicap in any way, unless you are planning to engage yourself as a Television Newsreader, Programme Anchor or a Lecturer in a college. Of course, with a disciplined approach to presentation, even these fields can be conquered without much ordeal.

  1. The foremost prerequisite would be building enough of confidence and ensuring from within that it would'nt be a handicap but a feature. Dams and reservoirs are not handicap to the river, rather they discipline thier flow!
  2. With (1) in place, do not try to suppress it. With more suppressing in place, the dam may breach causing widespread havoc. With a more planned approach, this can be taken care of.
  3. I don't think there is a necessity of hiding this from anyone. If the other person intends to create a mockery scene, it would be his freedom to do so, but the only thing here is to ensure that the actor does not get succumbed by unnecessary and unwarranted comments from unsolicited quarters whatsoever.  Hiding it does not help out whomsoever it may concern.
  4. Do not try to 'create' a fluent speaker role. You would show up the true picture very sooner.  Accept your state and be as simple as possible to conquer the coveted positions. That would be a better deal to strike at.
  5. English would be most soft language compared to regional languages which have hard metallic intonation and stress. Perhaps any CallCenter Accent Training programmes you would attend would ensure and teach this for you in the first few classes. So, I think you can think and plan the words mentally you are planning at and then present it.

I hope, this simple presentation would help a lot of fraternity with this shortcoming to face the challenges of the world with much ease and confidence.

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