Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Murugan Idli Shop > Serving Cockroaches?

Murugan Idli Shop > Serving Cockroaches?

Sometime back we were discussing about the good features of Murugan Idli Shop and regarding the good features of it like serving nice good food on a plaintain leaf. All is well and also the hotel keeps expanding its network and they had also opened one more branch of them near Ranganathan Street, taking the full count to three within the realm of T.Nagar itself.

[Cockroach]So far so good. But the quality comes under serious question mark as today, one of my colleague observed a Periplaneta americana (cockroach) in the Cocunut chutney (side dish) which was being served. When this was taken to the attention of the store person incharge, he was quite indifferent to the incident as if they had already converted Murugan Idli Shop into a chinese type restaurant in Chennai serving cockroach, cobra and all other things.

Just a word of caution to other readers -> Be wary of the food item that is being served in the job. As their network expands, their attention to quality seems to be deterioraritng and even the wait time seems to be heavy, while the waiters are keen in the percentage of tips that you shell out to them.


Anonymous said...

i wonder if its true at all !

Deepak Vasudevan said...

Very much. You can really witness steep quality deterioration over there nowadays.

Sanjay said...

it should be definitely true. I have myself had a first hand experience - not with insects but definitely with the quality problems that these people are having. i once refused to dine in a filthily unattended table smelling of foul cloth which ws used to wipe the table top.