Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Revisit of Monsoons...

Revisit of Monsoons...

There is again a revisit of monsoon and the cyclonic depression to Tamil Nadu coast and Chennai, epicentered from near Pamban area. With the previous monsoon effects still ringing in through the city, this time, people were bit afraid and there were even widespread upheavals against the local civil administration authorities for not properly distributing the rehabilitation benefits initiated by the Government of Tamil Nadu.

On Monday, while travelling to work, I had a chance to witness in direct, a road block near Velacherry and exactly at the road between Velacherry and Sri Balaji Dental College and Hospital, Pallikaranai (which is near Pallavaram - Thoraippakam Radial Road).  Actually this region has been given to the residents as a rehabilitation when they were evacutated from Mylapore, when MRTS was constructed. And hence this region is also colloqially called as Mylai Balaji nagar and predominantly occupied by LIG (Low Income Group) citizens. With this region being inundated thanks to the lowlying Madipakkam, and also the delayed and denied rehabilitation benefit distributions from the Government of TamilNadu, thanks to the slow red tape processes, corrupt officials,  touts in the revenue and collectorates, which enraged the residents forcing them to block off the road to attract the attention of Media and the government towards their suffering that they have been silently enduring all the while.

While normally it is our practice that we escape from the place, during such occasions, I chose to put a journalist cap and a few informatin which I collected and gathered during the half an hour process is being summarized below:

  1. From the evening newpapers, I learnt that the entire protest (road block) was for a time duration of 4 hours till about 12 from morning 8 AM. I have been gathering the information and personally present till 9:15 AM.
  2. Till about 9 AM, there were no traffic COPs who had arrived on the spot. This is a very surprising thing since two medical institutions are just at a stone-throw distant near it and not to mention that Velacherry - Tambaram is an arterial road connecting to the city outskirts. Two policestations (Pallikaranai at 3.5 Kms and Velacherry at 2 KMs) are located. I have no idea about where is Madipakkam Police station location.
  3. More than the direct people's movement, there were the following anti-people thoughts too circulating in the mob.
    1. There were blatant and widespread eve-teasing too. A significant amount of guys were observed mocking at the school girls and young women bound to colleges and workplace. I think, I can also, gather and publish an article on this topic separately.
    2. Calls to 100 (Chennai City Police Control Room) attracted nonchalant attention of them.

It is a real shame on Chennai City Administration for such a poor setup in the developing suburb of Velacherry.  It is high time that authorities pay some attention from their deep slumber.

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