Sunday, November 06, 2005

Tips for Good and Sound Sleep

Tips for Good and Sound Sleep

Cellular phones need a bit of recharge of battery on a periodic basis, depending upon the standby time and talktime. Mechanical instruments need a bit of downtime for overhauling and maintanence. And so would be the regular night sleep for humans, which has been bestowed on us as a routine schedule by the Nature.

Of course, with these days of working for the other hemisphere and in the age of BPO and KPO, people adopt day sleep compared to night sleep. Whatever, be it, the sleep we take need to ensure, is sound and recharges and rejuvenates us, to welcome us back into the next round of active work in full vigor.

Somewhere around the web, I found some collection and that coupled with cross references to books in library, I would like present the following bulllet points targetted towards a good and sound sleep for healthy life.

  1. Relax before bedtime. Try to unload all the mental activities that are running before the system shuts down for the day. Compare this with Windows Shutdown, which stops all System services, unloads device drivers before it says "It is now safe to turn off your computer".
  2. Studying for the Course, Bank Financial Activies, Business work can be planned for early morning. In Sansrit, the early morning is called as Brahma Muhurtha, and this is the best time for studying etc.
  3. Ensure that your bed room has good acoustical setup, without creating too much noise. Perhaps you can create the ambience of the bed room in such a way and similar to places where you get asleep fast.
  4. Your sleeptime garments must ensure that you are'nt too much stressed.
    1. Too much of blankets for the summer and Too few for the winter does not sound logical either.
    2. Your Pillow does count. Otherwise, it would ensure that you end up sleeping in a warfare grounds.
  5. Early to bed and Early to rise. Ensure that you abide to point (2) described above and to cater to that requirement, staying too late in the night does not help either.
  6. Afternoon siesta's don't help much. They reduce the amount of sleep you can get during night time.
  7. Avoid all sleeping pills maximum possible. Rather than this a good coffee, milk and a light music should help getting a sound asleep. Smoking and alcohol must invite a big ban at least a couple of hours you go to bed.
  8. TV best entertains you before going to sleep. But the idiot box should not show you horror shows since your subconscious mind may bring in all those as nightmares. Comedy Shows, Trailers are most welcome.  If you are from India, SunTV ( telecasts comedy shows and family dramas @2230 in the night.
  9. After you get up in the morning, ensure that you don't linger in the bed, no matter, even if the climate is cool. Read point (2) above.

I think, these points, too very trivia, if practiced in right spirit, can make medical practitioners go crazy since it would ensure that we protect our precious wealth, which is called as health.


Lavanya said...

There is an early morning prayer that one can say.

Karagre vasathe Lakshmi,
Karamadyye saraswathi.
Karamule sugovindham
Prabhathe karadharshanam

And a prayer while going to bed so that the mind gets calm:

Ramaskandam hanumantham Vynatheyam
Vrukodharamshayane yasmarenithyam
dhuswapnam thasya nashyathi

jas_tech said...

Thank you, you can read some good information on Hinduism and mantras here.

Anonymous said...

One correction to morning prayer. The third line should read Karamule 'Stitou Gowri'. Govinda is not logical.The logic is that Lakshmi the concert of Vishnu, Sarasathi consort of Brahma and Gowri consort of Shiva reside on our palm.I do not see any harm if someone wants to add Govinda or any other names of the almighty of their choice.