Saturday, November 05, 2005

Tiruvallikeni Trip Today

Tiruvallikeni Trip Today

As part of the usual weekly Tiruvallikeni Trip, today myself and Redhy started sometime around four o clock in the evening. The climate was cool and monsoon showers were there making it a pleasant journey.

While normally I offer pranams to Sri Parthasarathy swamy from outside and enter only the sanctum sanctorums of Vedavalli Thayar and Sri Azhagiya Singer. Today while during the circumambulation, we observed that the queue was relatively empty and we entered there. Perhaps after a long long time of literal laziness, I entered and had a worship of the diety too.

Interestingly in the afternoon myself and Redhy were visiting this website maintained by the Hindu Religion and Charitable Endowments (HR &CE) department of the Government of Tamilnadu at: and I was saying we had worship of the Lord at the desktop itself.

Check out the website.

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