Sunday, November 20, 2005

Use of Sacred Hymns in Public

Use of Sacred Hymns in Public

Sometime back there was an article in Sri Nrisimha Priya, which is published on behalf of Sri Ahobila Mutt, stating that some form of objection or law must be enacted by the statutory authorities to restrain uncontrolled playing of sacred hymns which are restrained to be used and chanted in camera and only in select times of the day.

Perhaps, this article in HinduNet, I think explains this is more depth for the benefit of the readers.

It has become like a blatant advertising to see the following sacred hymns being played from even a roadside tea shop: Gayatri Mantra,  Astaksharam etc.

I think it would be the right time for the HR&CE (Hindu Religion and Charitable Endowments) Departments of the respective state governments in India and Government of India to check into this menace and bring spiritual discipline in the country.

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