Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Operation Duryodhan

Operation Duryodhan

India TV Group (AajTak), a prime private television news channel brought out to limelight many cases of MPs accepting bribes from people for asking questions in the Parliament. Those deemed to be representatives of the people, who were sent to the Assembly purely to represent and fetch welfare for the constituency of the people and state they represent, were in fact, also getting bribes and illegal gratification for questions to ask in the parliament.

It was  very bold venture by India TV Group (AajTak News Television Channel) to send their reporters to different MPs on the pretext of people's unions, giving them cash and other compensations and simultaneously clipping snapshots in mobile cameras.

Check out this URL on DNA India for a detailed coverage.  NewsKerala describes this as second incident in the Indian Parliament history. Check this out at thier article.

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