Saturday, December 03, 2005

Rain lashes Chennai and Tamilnadu

Rain lashes Chennai and Tamilnadu

The melodrama of incessant rain, that has been happening through the previous month continues. Yesterday and Today, the Met Department of Chennai announced that the weak cyclonic depression located about 300 Kms from Chennai and expected to cross the coasts between Chennai and Masulipatnam (AP) sometime tomorrow morning.

Whilst no cyclonic threat remains for Tamil Nadu coasts, the places would continue to recieve incessant and nonstop rainfall. As of today's morning,

  • Nanmangalam Lake breaches. No motor vehicles past Kovilambakkam from Medawalkam - Madipakkam direction.
  • Velacherry Lakes breaches. Route from Velacherry - Madipakkam cutoff.
  • Tamil Nadu Fire Brigade and Rescue Services vehicles have been stationed at Kaiveli (Velacherry - Madippakkam Junction), to tackle water emergencies.

The significant village town of Madipakkam is almost like an island now. This is about Southern Chennai. Northern Chennai shares the same plight as described in Tamil Murasu, published evening daily in Chennai. Chennai city corporation and administration has warned further that people living in low lying areas to move to places in higher altitudes to safeguard themselves.

Accelerating the fury of the nature, yesterday was also New Moon Day, which has increased the force of sea and Marina beach (Bay of Bengal) had also high tides, terrifying the people.

Please see the snapshots here: (downloaded from and combined into one panaromic image using Irfanview for easy reference)

[Chennai City under Rains]
Letz Reach out to help the Administration
Letz reach out to help the administration. I think, the best way would be contribute to either of the following funds. What do you say?
  1. Prime Ministers' National Relief fund. But ensure that you route your funds via a standard Nationalized Bank or State Bank of India, rather than using a private bank, which swallows a percentage of the amount as service charges. :(
  2. Government of Tamil Nadu -> Chief Minister's Relief Fund. This uses ICICI PaySeal powered Payment Gateway to accept online donations via Internationally valid Credit Cards. This also has a provision to issue you a Tax Rebate form, but you need to give your full address for the administration to courier you a reciept, enabling you to claim Tax Rebate.

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