Tuesday, March 07, 2006

6th Birthday of my Chellam

6th Birthday of my Chellam

March 8th is revered Internationally as International Womens Day. Thanks to Apcom Computers, that this day that year of 2000, our team @Agenda NetMarketing, launched the most innovative and women's guide, called SitaGita.com. She is now part of and a proud member of Sify Women Channel. It was more than just a web portal for us, the team at 3rdagenda [Agenda NetMarketing]. It introduced with each other a full realtime product delivery. She gave the opportunity for us, when we just passouts of college. She gave a vibrant development experience. She introduced and brought in an affectionate and lovely community of friends at TakeWing and 3rdAgenda.

The little kid humbly crawls into her 7th year today. Let us join together to wish the little kid Many Many Happy Returns of the Day.

Though each of our member are individually spread across the globe now, perhaps this brings in and keeps up the most green memories. She is just not our kid but our pal, friend, philosoper and pet. La Belle Dame Sans Merci.

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