Friday, March 24, 2006

Cancer Rose Day -- Cancer is curable

Cancer Rose Day -- Cancer is curable

The usual credit card statement that I was reading through and along with that  a usual bit of advertisement insertion. But I could'nt throw this one since it was having some information and some humanitarian concept on Cancer Rose Day and a message that Cancer is no more a killer disease but curable if detected already.

Now, I was recalling that sometime back I had a doubt like what is WIA stands for? Hundreds of times, I have crossed the Cancer Institute WIA, Adyar and I have least noticed. About three months back, this question came to my mind. I found it out there, in Cancer Institute website. It stands for Women India Association and was founded by Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddy  in 1918 in Adyar, along with the help of two Europeans, since she was deeply hurt by her sister succumbing to cancer and there were no medical aid that time to fight the dreaded disease.

Then a more research on this Rose Day started. Rose Day is celebrated every year worldwide on September 22, to reemphasize and give confidence to cancer patients that cancer, which was once dreaded as a killer disease with no cure at all is now curable and the only prerequisite is healthy living and early detection.

Just thought, I can share some of the links on this RoseDay and Cancer Institute donors page so that other people willing to help cancer patients would find this useful:

  1. Cancer Institute Donors Page
  2. A Brief Article on Fighting Cancer from Coimbatore Cancer foundation.

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