Thursday, March 30, 2006

Emergency Contact Numbers

Emergency Contact Numbers

With the good and fast advent of telecommunications, indeed, the world has shrunk into a global village. You are in touch with anybody wherever you are and whenever you please. To ensure that you are really safe, each of the places' administrations have taken enormous measures to step up security to combat antisocials from spreading and creating pilferage or sabatoage.

So, what is the point of discussing these now? Well. Today, being a Ugadi holiday, I was browsing through Nokia website and reading the latest models. In one of the documentation, I came to know of that 112 (International Emergency Number).  We would seen this number in a number of manuals also but would have silently ignored it but I just thought, I would put in some deep research into it.

Just thought, I would put up a summary of Emergency Contact Numbers and tips in dealing with emergencies.

Emergency Contact Numbers:

Check out this URL on Tips and Treats website.

Tips on dealing with Emergencies:

  1. Stay Calm. Panicing and Haste shatters the normal and routine rescue and normalization operations.
  2. Ascertain whether the incident or information is bona fide or is a hoax and assist the Emergency rescue teams accordingly.
  3. When dialling the emergency rescue teams or the area administrations, ensure that you give your name and telephone number to enable us reach you faster.
  4. Indicate the area of emergency with landmarks and shortest path to the rescue team to enable them reach faster.
  5. Help the victims with necessary first-aids and console them to manage the pains being suffered.
  6. When the rescue teams have arrived, allow them to take over instead of interfering with them and slowing down the process.

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