Friday, March 31, 2006

Online Healthcare Venture from TCS

Online Healthcare Venture from TCS

Have a small physical ailment or a mental stress but hard finding time to locate a doctor or to explain the same to him. I think, Tata Consultancy Services, has brought in a world-class online health care website called WebHealthCenter. The website is Microsoft Passport -enabled and hence you score another advantage of not being forced to remember one more username and password logon credential combination.

You can safely and confidentially put your health query and the website takes effort to answer you in the best possible and earliest occasion. In some cases, they do suggest you to visit your own preferred doctor, in case, they suspect the disease or ailment that you are undergoing is bit complicated and may not be sufficient to check and manage via email and may need a personal medical attention.

Check it out and I think it is really very useful website for everyone.

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