Friday, March 31, 2006

Public Library in Chennai

Public Library in Chennai

There are lot of attractions in Chennai -- pubs, discotheques, theme parks, amusement parks. But as there is a proverb in Tamil, not everything scales up when comes to educational service. The state and central government has in fact put up enormous efforts to build a worldclass library in Chennai which is functioning from Egmore Museum Complex. It is called Connemara Public Library.

Of late, they have also tried to launch a website which gives information about its rich history. Check it out at:

Let we (Chennaiites), make the best use of Connemara Public Library and support the state and central administration in their noble educational services. Educational services are really very noble. There is a tamil proverb that one who opens a school, takes the first step in closing a prison. The meaning behind this proverb is that as you make steps to highlight people with more education and knowledge, it streamlines the way of life of the people thus taking the country into a rich path of prosperity.


Deepak Vasudevan said...

Just wanted to update. In case, the reader knows about other similar public libraries in India or elsewhere, feel free to share them as comments to this post so that others would be greatly benefitted.

Your efforts and help is greatly appreciated with thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Hi deepak… only came to know abt the Connemara library website (from ur blog)… if I come to know about such public libraries I will do post them..

Thanks for the information :)

Deepak Vasudevan said...

Thank you, Vasanth..

That would mean a terrific and an excellent educational service to the nation.

Towards this perspective, when you are free, also check out this earlier post which also initiates the educational service with its own humble little step: