Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Rajkumar Impact

The Rajkumar Impact

It was quite fitting to the time that NDTV conducted a show where people from different walks of life and working in different cadres met together to discuss on the way the people behaved unruly after the death of Kannada matinee idol, Dr. Rajkumar.

The fact that Rajkumar has never acted in any film that has depicted violence and his last journey had to witness this widespread sabotage across the garden city, succinctly specifies the message that television screens and cine creations are conveying to the people.

In the talkshow, there has also been a producer, who commented that since people liked to see the violence film interspersed with diluted pornography, they are preparing that, to which a guy sharply retaliated that they should prepare to stop creating such films and try to bring a good message to society, for which the cine representative did not any answer. The problem is actually that people unduly promote these actors to the state of demigods and thatz where the root cause of all these problems is hidden.

A similar situation in Tamil Cinema that we can see is that currently every advertisement model and hoarding picturizes the new actress called Asin. People all along keep themself lured to this actress. It would be a renaissance to Tamil world only when people start realizing that Asin is not a demi god but Asin is a sin.

(The name Asin has been chosen as a representation of the entire flock)

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Its a good topic. People have to think about it and have to change them.

Lets see what are they going to do in the future.