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Terrorist Jokers

Terrorist Jokers

It is a real pity that so many governments of many nations are not able to capture the elusive Osama Bin Laden. After all, he is an accused. With the more sophisticated and state-of-the-art technology and innovation in our hands, I don't think this is a big herculean effort to capture him dead or alive.

If you could really observe the patterns in which these folks attack the people, we don't have any other diplomatic word other than to brand them as Jokers. They just know to attack people from a hidden place rather than to confront them face-to-face.

If we would flip through the pages of the History of India, there would be achievements of Lord William Cavendish Bentink in abolishment of Sati (burning of widows along with thier husbands pyre) and eradication of Thugs (local robbers but with strong support from isolated groups of people). Check out this URL for more details:

Even in the current age, we, in Tamil Nadu, had one local Bin Laden called Veerappan, who was glorified as sandalwood brigand and he was terrorising the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. He used to poach all the wildlife unrelentingly without any mercy. Huge amount of sandalwood had been smuggled by him to various countries resulting in huge loss of foreign exchange for India. It was to the credit of the current Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Puratchi Thalavi Dr. J. Jayalalitha, who rejuvenated the Special Task Force under the stewardship of able police officer, Vijayakumar. Check out this newsclipping:

Within a few months of Vijayakumar taking up, the gangster's activities were slowly weakened up and in the remote village near Dharmapuri in Tamil Nadu, Vijayakumar's team rounded up the private ambulance in which Veerappan was hiding and travelling. After a two-hour long gun battle, Veerappan was etched in the pages of history.

This recall of Veerappan history is to reinstate that we need a similar strategy and now in multi-country level (Veerappan drama is at multi-state level) so that Bin Laden can also be etched in the pages of history, so that the world would be a peace park, and newspapers, search engines etc. would stop reporting any incidents of genocide, which would be extinct from then on.

Alongside with this problem, we mentioned that Bentinck had also been instrumental in bringing a new facelift to Indian Women from thier slavery. To recall sometime back, we were discussing about unrelenting crimes on womanhood, which I guess, should also demand attention from the global administrations.

Let us pray the Almighty for an International Vijayakumar and an International J Jayalalitha to curb this anti-peace menaces.


Sesh said…
election results vara varaikum kaathiruppom :)

A sane political leader s needed 4 d current situation.. really don know how come d political parties r able to barely promising things, assuring practically impossible things with each one competing wid d other's promises, without any knowledge(without any concern) of d tax amount being used for selfish n ulterior motives..

Don know wher dis wil lead to......

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