Tuesday, May 09, 2006

"Bharat Darshan" on Wheels

"Bharat Darshan" on Wheels

Aspiring to take up a tour of all important places in India but feeling daunted since the cost involved is quite prohibitive and so much of pains taken that overwhelm the pleasure of tourism. The Indian Railway Ministry has brought in a concept tour called Bharat Darshan, the train arranged for the same starts from Madurai and visits as many tourist spots in India, reaching upto Chandigarh.

They are planning upto three days halt at Chandigarh where you are given an option of taking a local sight seeing tour and nearby places or pay a premium and take up a dedicated trip to Kulu-Manali. I came across this news in Tamil Murasu, a leading evening daily in Tamil Nadu.

I am not able to locate this information in IRCTC and hence giving the news clip address of Tamil Murasu here. If some other reader has an English version of the same, please feel free to share the same with others as a comment.

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Here is the official announcment and other details from IRCTC website:

IRCTC Bharat Darshan