Monday, May 08, 2006

Elections in full Swing in Tamil Nadu

Elections in full Swing in Tamil Nadu

Polling in Tamil Nadu begins with full swing today. Thanks to the Election Commissions' more stringent security measures and systematic observation of procedures for free and fair conduct of polls, exercising the franchise for the citizens is a breeze.

I went to our booth at New Prince College near Medawalkam, on the Velacherry - Tambaram road. I guess, this would be 5th poll vote that I am casting. About there in Valasaravalkam. One in Mambalam. Some of the salient features witnessed at the polling station are:

  1. Tighter and surprise security checks that were being planned has instilled fear in the minds of candidates and as well polling/presiding officers. And hence you can hardly witness the usual fish-market crowds that you can see near the ballot room.
  2. The normal police behavior of resting in the corner of the road was observed. Huge traffic chaos near even the mofussil booth and the police pickets posted only to remain as silent and mute spectators.
  3. No ferrying of passengers observed to the polling stations, thanks to the hard-and-fast rules of the Election Commission. Albeit this, there are news reports which claim that parties were planning to ferry passengers in some remote areas and to give them arrack and biriyani to purchase thier votes. Letz wait and see the news flashes towards evening.


Anonymous said...

Great work,
for me here in Mumbai it seems like I am hearing it from my nearby neighbour.I just want to add that I would be very happy if u could visit, as the name suggests it is a spiritual blog about Annai Mira Alfassa from pondicherry.

Deepak Vasudevan said...


Thank you. It is a pleasure to hear that the post has brought your hometown right into your desktop.

I did visit your blog on Annai and it is very informative. Thanks for providing the link too so that it would be very useful for other readers as well.

My suggestion would be, you can provide accessibility guidelines etc too from arterial locations like Chennai, which would be very useful for first-timers to India.