Wednesday, May 03, 2006

In the wireless world with Nokia 6030...

In the wireless world with Nokia 6030...

Yesterday afternoon, I was feeling bit sleepy and just thought I would go out and come since I had some bank work. After completing the bank work, since Univercell was quite near, I was visiting it and my old mobile Nokia 3315 had some problems, I had a plan of having it upgraded to some new model.  After a brief tour of the showcased wireless solutions, I met my sweetie, Nokia 6030, with a more innovative embedded Java solutions, worldwide web connectivity with GPRS and an entertaining FM world.

I firmly believe and emphasize that the plan which had been postponing for a while got materialised and I had purchased only with the blessings of my little friend, Sabarimala Swami Saranam Ayyappa.

Airtel seems to have brought in with an innovative free GPRS solutions and I chose to activate them. During the course of the activation process, there were some nice discoveries too. It is heartening that automatic mobile handset discovery which has'nt been in India seems to have been introduced. Now the network has a clear picture of what handset we are using. Good. I think, this should bring some control over the unrelenting mobile thefts in India.

More experiences and innovative finds to be added... Stay Tuned!

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