Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Network Subsystem Troubleshooting

Network Subsystem Troubleshooting

My BSNL Landline seems to be on an unannounced summer vacation since yesterday. While contacting BSNL fault booking numbers through Airtel Mobile, even the number in its own exchange is getting denied with the message 'This number is not serviced by this exchange'.

Then I devised an innovative idea of putting somebody else to call the Sangamam Call Center, Chennai servicing BSNL customers and have the fault booked. I was particular to have the fault booked at the earliest since otherwise, the queue number would be very back and proportionately, you need to give more undertable gratification to the line man to address your issue.

My friend, Seshadri, immediately called Sangamam but he, too was facing some issue in getting the customer care since only the hold music was going on for a long time, I guess. After repeated attempts, we got the docket number addressed. I have asked my other colleague in Selaiyur, to have the line man come over today and have the issue addressed.

Just thought I would post this incident for the following reasons:

  1. An exquisite get-to-gether of Airtel and Hutch numbers working together to solve the issue with BSNL landline.
  2. A word of thanks to my friend, Seshadri was having booked the fault inspite of me calling him rather late night.
  3. A unique blend of telecommunications friendship between us since normally we play with our mobiles ringing at each other in anonymous mode. And perhaps, to crown this, even his birthday celebration function ("Treasure Hunt"), to be described by VettiBoss, he had to identify me with a puzzle related to 'Anonymous caller from Triplican Exchange'.
  4. A note to Ministry of Telecommunications India that there are more renaissance to bring in the department other than also innovations galore which are most welcome.


Anonymous said...


U r d anonymous caller ALWAYS!!! :)

Anonymous said...

@ Deepak and Seshadri,

Ha.. ha.. :) However I'm not seeing anon calls happening nowadays? :)

Deepak Vasudevan said...

In a way...

Both of us are kind of busy in our deliverables and schedules. So the usual Anonymous Call -- Triplican Telephone Exchange has to get the back seat and wait a while.

Thank you for reminding. Though the game has been preempted with more higher prioritised tasks, it does not fail to make a greener memory of the fun and frolic that we did enjoy at Alpha Center, T. Nagar.