Friday, May 12, 2006

Newer Novel Nourishing Regime in Tamil Nadu

Newer Novel Nourishing Regime in Tamil Nadu

There seems to be an unwritten note for Tamil Nadu that the same party never gets elected in Tamil Nadu for two continuous tenures. In a way, this seems to carry a lot of advantages for the state too. Perhaps a significant among them are:

  1. The current state administration can not get deep rooted with any of their malpractices since that would come to limelight in the very next tenure.
  2. No Monopolies.
  3. Competitive Advantage to the state and Strategic Positioning of the state in Economic and social market.

The current offering is for DMK, to be lead by Dr. Kalaignar M. Karunanidhi and they have planned to organize the swearing in function sometime tomorrow in Nehru stadium, Chennai.

There are but a lot of responsibilities, deliverables and expectations lined up before the new administration. Well. I would'nt start discussing into the internals of the previous administration or the maladies associated with the same. Let us wish our people's representatives all the good luck in making our state a role model in economic upliftment. As you read the blog, you would also hear the welcome prayer to 'Lordess Tamil' to get Her blessings for our success in all quarters of life and hence please have your speakers turned on.

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