Saturday, June 03, 2006

Acute Deforestation

After a significant amount of time, I had to travel the Sardar Patel Road, Adyar to visit my State Bank of India, Adyar branch. Today, as I was driving a bit slowly, since the traffic was more even during the afternoon, I slowly recalled the Sardar Patel Road, which used to be there some about even five years back.

It used to be an avenue road, with only minimal amount of exposure to sunlight so even in Summers, it would'nt be a bit hassle for you to have even a prolonged walk. Things seemed to have changed and each of the changing governments ushering to make the best of the city and filling thier 'private' treasury chests with all imported flyover contracts etc.

Too much of human intervention has rendered the road wide open to scorching sunlight. I think it is high time that NGOs and even the government should take steps to correct this. Eliminating greenery from the face of the earth for lame reasons like widening of the road etc. can not be accepted. Deforestation comes with a plethora of ill-effects for a nation (and the earth) opening the dreaded Pandorra's Box for the mankind.

First and foremost, deforestation presents multiple social, ecological and environmental problems. A few of them are:
  1. Since there is no live tree or its root to hold it, the land becomes very much vulnerable to Erosion. Essential Nutrients of the soil too gradually washed out and the fertility of the soil is lost.
    This presents a significantly less amount of land available for cultivation.
  2. Global Warming: Incessant slaying down of trees for want of space and for wood log purposes, includes and introduces reckless climatic disturbances in our ecosystem.

It is high time that we try to understand the needs of Afforestation and save the earth for our successors.

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