Monday, June 12, 2006

Healthcare on the Web

Healthcare on the Web

There is a very famous and well-known proverb called Health is Wealth. Perhaps, in Tamil, there is one another proverb called 'Suvar irundhal thaan Chittiram Varaya Mudiyum'. To translate this means, only if we could maintain good health, we can be able to achieve a lot of laurels and achievements.

These are the days when each hour is brimming for us with competitiveness. We have what is called Fast Food restaurants to cater to us, Dial-a-Pizza for dinner since we go home late and then no time for cooking. Gone are the days when our elders used to practice Joint Dining. By the way, I fondly remember, that our school correspondent (Ananthu K Bhat) used to stress on two things that every student ought to follow daily rather religiously instead of just for the sake of AK Bhat or Vanitha K Bhat. The two things are:

  1. Shasthanga Namaskar of Parents before starting off to School.
  2. Joint Dining with all family members in the night. Avoid any discussions which disturbs the peace of joint dinner.

But these are the days we start so early and reach home late. Even we take healthcare on the least priority.  To aide us in the process, there had been tremendous amount of electronic healthcare avenues that have been mushrooming up on the Internet and helping us in the same. A few of the reputed ones that you could trust and use are the following:

  1. WebHealthCenter, managed and powered by Tata Consultancy Services.
  2. Ask Your Doctor Online, managed by Umesh Dhingra, a Chennai-based engineering entrepreneur and an IIT-delhi graduate.

These sites recommend and solve most of your health care issues online and direct you with the more specific health related ailment to a more appropriate specialist. Of course, you can not have the complete prescription on the Internet, since your physical condition can not be examined on the Internet. A personal visit to a physician anyway, is mandatory.

Let us try and make use of these websites for taking care of our health, which is of all, the most precious asset, that the God has bestowed upon us.

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