Saturday, June 17, 2006

Operation Anamika

Operation Anamika

Mobile Phones are no wonder the best communication gadgets that man has ever discovered and is using to a very large extent. However, the obscenity and glamour that the cine fields portray drive them to make dirty use of these excellent communication gadgets through modern messaging techniques like MMS, GPRS etc.

About sametime last year, the news papers have been reverberating in thier headlines on a MMS scam in New Delhi where obscene photos were being passed through. In January, this year, Pune took its stand to curb a similar menace in its realm. Check out the news coverage here.

Next this month, it seems to be Chennai. A private bank collection executive has chosen MMS has a technique to lure school and college girls into taking obscene photographs in his mobile and circulating them among the underworld. Starting with a first set of photographs, he has adopted a modus operandi of blackmailing the girls affected by him that he would releasing them to their parents and educational institutions thus forcing them to go along with him, wherever he summoned them.

Chennai City Police came across this but they could not initate immediate action against the offender for the simpler reason that there has'nt been any written complaint from any quarters. However, they did setup a secret team to nab the culprit redhanded. One of the team was the woman police (Kayalvizhi) who got introduced to the culprit as a school going girl. When the culprit tried to apply the same modus operandi of first seducing her with glamorous photographs in his mobile, the other police cops who were hiding in the vicinity nabbed him.

More details in 16th June Tamil Murasu Weekly. Check out the online edition here. The day since the new government has been sworn in, I think, the underworld criminals have started to experience tough times. All police teams have been strictly warned to eliminate rowdies. If nabbing is not possible, they are also asked and empowered to shoot them in encounters.

We should take this instance to appreciate the Government of Tamil Nadu, Chennai City Police and the daring woman police (Kayalvizhi) to have taken herself into risk and nabbing the culprit

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