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Pure Luxury Communications Mobile (Vertu)

Pure Luxury Communications Mobile (Vertu)

It was Friday evening and just dropped in casually at the Internet Kiosk for a while. A couple of SMS alerts on my mobile phone. One was the usual CitiAlert from my Citibank, keeping posted regarding the card statements and so on and so forth. The next was quite interesting "World's most costly mobile (Vertu) is on display in Rani Meyyammai Hall".

What? What is special in that? As I was already sitting in the Internet Kiosk, tapped one more Internet Explorer to run Google to find out about this elusive Vertu. Some of the most inquisitive and/or interesting information on this are as below:

  • The world's most costliest mobile model from luxury communications company.
  • Diamond, Gold and Stainless Stelel studded mobile chassis.
  • Most highest capacity of Phone Memory, Notes, Message Capacity, Talktime and Standby time etc.

Currently, the other most sought after mobile model that is driving everyone crazy are Nokia N Series and BlackBerry. Perhaps this would surely add the craze for most jazzy mobile phone instruments. With a humble start as a luxury instrument, now mobile handsets have dual-faceted role of both inevitable communication instruments and luxury showoffs. Check out the pictures.


Srini said…
BTW, If in case i turn extremely mad, or if my employer gives me some unexpectedly huge bonus, or if i win an online casino giving me lotsa dollar level stuff... how much should i pay to get this one ?

Well generally all my 'If' fails, and i always believe in the 'else' part... it says i have a mobile good enough to talk, store contacts and even play at times :)
HaRiKaran.S said…
Good. Ladies will start to ask this mobiles now.

Guys! aware from your girl friends. Deepak do not send this link to your bangalore minister.

HaRiKaran.S said…

do not send this link to your Bangalore xyz.

Guys, aware from your girl friends. They may start to ask this mobile to them..

Varalakshmi said…
Ya Deepak thanks for sharing!! No wonder in mobile facilities and prices going up like this.. Also at times I wonder people dont even mind to spend such a huge amount to buy a mobile just for its appearance(inspite of facilities). The basic purpose of mobile(just to communicate) is not properly met i think. This is just my opinion!!!

YOu are true. People are going mad behind fanciness attached to mobiles rather than its baseline utility value, the actual mantra behind its purpose of invention, the buzzword -- communication.

This is the reason for also so much of misuse of mobiles. You may like to check out my other related post on 'Mobile Phones -- When and When Not To Use'.

True. Unless we need to show off the power of our wallet, the strength of our VISA plastic card, I don't think, there is a tangible need to violate the bottomline of exorbitantly priced extravagant mobiles.

The bottomline message is that mobiles must strongly adhere, abide and complete thier basic mission of their creation -- communication. All else takes the backseat.

Thanks for dropping by. Yep. One another reason for a good date between boys and girls.

Regarding the bangalore headquarters, I would like to acknowledge your forewarning too. If I am found too spend extravagantly on such resources, there might be a 'friendly' call from Bangalore to place a check on the same.

Regarding your quote, "Deepak do not send this link to your bangalore minister", I don't think this is feasible, since the communication lines between us are clearer and faster. As I share the comments through the weblogs fairly and fastly, there is a free and fair flow of information.

Information suppression is strongly unsupported protocol in our channel. :) :)
sesh said…

Informative blog.. Seriously wonder wat on earth made ppl becum so crazy, prob dis s designed 4 dat cadre of ppl, on THE TOP STEP of the richest ppl ladder n their crazy n wierd maidens whose aim s to SHOW OFF their power, monetary power..

Newez thx 3 d info deepak :)
sesh said…

Thx 4 d info.. I wonder wat on earth made ppl to becum crazy n manufacture mobile phone, an instrument, i agree it bein an essential commodity in life..

Prob its 4 d ppl whom r in d TOP STEP of the RICH LADDER n their maidens whose aim s to enjoy life n show their monetary prowess

Prathiba said…
Hi Deepak,

Though i prefer good old mobiles to these jazzy show - offs there are certain facts to be considered.

1)One being the amount of radiation emitted.
2) The amount of heat generated due to continous use. ( My 1100 heats up in less than 15 min) Haven't timed it excatly. :)
3) The standby time.
4) Rough use capability.
5) User friendliness.

These are what (i may have missed certain other parameters) one should look for when buying a mobile.

The coming of age mobiles in addition to these basic requirements , focus ( read: focus mainly) on aesthetics.
And all users are drawn ONLY to the latter. :(

While i encourage good safer mobiles to be produced, i do condemn the fancy show-off varieties. Whats more, the people who don't own it, might develop a complex that they don't own it .

Very nice post :)

Thanks for the comments and particular emphasis to the health asset rather than towards pompous showoffs.

Check out this URL which gets started on the basics of health hazards with mobile phone and precautions that need to be taken care of.

While browsing, found a nice URL favorite in the Internet Kiosk machine.

Check out this URL which lucidly and humorously narrates the health hazards with mobile phones:

Cooking via Mobile Phones

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