Thursday, June 22, 2006

Serving the educational cause of the challenged kids...

Serving the educational cause of the challenged kids...

Yesterday morning, I recieved a courier mailout in my home that was from CRY. It was about seeking donations for kids since it is start of academic year. I visited CRY website and it is really amazing to find the noble educational service that these guys render for education of the financially challenged kids.

It is purely lack of education that opens up plethora of avenues for legal, political and socio-economic problems in the country. Even child exploitation is aplenty even in several parts of the country. I just thought I would like to share the CRY URL and a message to other readers as well, so that they can visit the website and if the message reaches right philanthropists across the world, it would be a humble service to the Lord and lighting a candle of knowledge for a kid.


Anonymous said...

Hi Deepak,

One more info about CRY.
The amount of dedications the organisers and volunteers have is amazing.

sometime back, in Febraury, they organised an area to area campaign, and personally covered all the houses, and sought donations.

They people who visited my place were not poor or needy. They are people having respectable careers, and yet, they found time to go personally to each house and seek help for others.
Was surprised to see such altruistic humans :)

Deepak Vasudevan said...

True. Also care should be taken and it has to be ensured that the money we donate really goes to the educational and true service, without being 'diverted' to other channels.

Insist on the reciept from CRY. In that way, the lower level guys would be made responsible for thier tasks too.