Friday, June 30, 2006

Taints of Sentiments amidst business ventures

Taints of Sentiments amidst business ventures

Commissioning a new business venture is no easy task. There are so much of environmental, economical, social, political factors that come into interplay and have a resounding influence on the business. If it comes to a more critical financial segment like banking and finance, the effects are still significant.

Indian society with its more sentimental touches in everything that it ventures, seems to give a more sensational touch cum inspiration to this and is no exception. Besides investigating all the above options and verifying them to be viable, which applies in the case of residential premises, in the case of latter, we also see some religious causes like whether the chosen area is in preference to Lakshmi or Kubera so that it would invite more prosperity to the households.

Now this sense of prosperity and flourishment is followed in the case of banking in Chennai to a greater degree. There are at least two instances me and my colleague were discussing this yesterday while travelling in Velacherry. On a personal front, I have seen a variant of this instance in Camp Road, Selaiyur also.

As everybody knows, ICICI Bank is currently India's number two private banking industry. Let us not discuss about the negative aspects of the bank while we are dealing with positive and optimistic attitude. ICICI Bank, Velacherry has been functioning in a small campus in Dr. Ganesan Matriculation School, Velacherry. This campus seems to be very lucky and now ICICI could get a good area in LIC India Colony, Velacherry with more prospects in its business. Similarly, ICICI Bank had been having its office at the junction of Camp Road. Might be because of the positive and prosperity power of that land, now ICICI Bank has moved to Adhi Nagar, Selaiyur (near Ahobila Mutt), with more spacious premises and more business venture. In the case of latter, now the new premises is more prosperous since that building also hosts one another financial services provider, Karvy Finapolis.

Now the more interesting thing about these is, the former area has been identified by Lakshmi Vilas Bank for its Velacherry campus. The latter area has been identified by HDFC Bank. HDFC Bank, I have the opinion, is really excellent in thier financial services. Though a private sector bank, they have innovative and dedicated customer care. Of course, in the Chennai arena, there are some thugs operating as DSAs but at least with respect to the Central Processing Unit, HDFC Bank seems to be well committed to the customer care. No wonder, they are being vested by the Government of India to give pension accounts for citizens. The good gesture of HDFC Bank also encourages people to go for home loans with HDFC Bank. Quite interestingly, HDFC Bank is child of HDFC, but the child is now revered and respected more than itself. But in the words of Tiruvalluvar, this is a fact of prestige and privilege for HDFC itself.

Magan thanthaikatrum udavi ivan thanthai
ennotran kol enum sol

By the way, the caption of this post starts with 'Taints of Sentiments'. If you check a dictionary, the word 'taint' would be bearing a negative effect like 'An infecting touch', when the actual intended meaning should be 'An influencing touch'. However, I guess, this can be treated as an oxymoron too like deafening silence, mournful optimist or cruel kindness.

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