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Unrelenting Telemarketing Calls -- Best Way To Make Use

Unrelenting Telemarketing Calls -- Best Way To Make Use

These are the days when most of the businesses thrive on potential tele-sales. This trend is copied from the Western hemisphere to India but interestingly, the way it has been copied and developed here seems to be quite amateurish. The private entrepreneurs who pitch the business deal for the major clients, in order to save significant ex-chequer, employs just passouts or passing-by grads. While this is a welcome measure and appreciated stand that they are magnanimous to provide a good measure of employment to people, supporting the administration of the country, the sad part of the story is that they feel stingy to impart the basic communications skills training.

When I say communications skills, I am encompassing a significantly wider range of topics including neutralized accent to cover a wider sector of people, professional message conveying skills, diplomatic way of handshake with the tele-customers, so on and so forth. I don't think the just passouts can be expected to have this by default and it should be the duty of the employers to have the same reinforced on them, which they fail to so.

Well. This is the background of the story. Let us stop debating on the high-level topics on the same, which build boredom. To bring in some life and humor, let us narrow down to a few set of calls that we normally recieve. If there is a reader, who would like to add a couple of points to this, please feel free to do so.

  1. Private Banking Enterpreneurs issuing credit cards opening up a plethora of offers.
  2. Finance institutions offering personal loans
  3. Unsolicited Insurance Offers
  4. Recruitment and Placement Consultants

Are these telemarketers really trustworthy? I think the answer to this question can be a summary 'NO'. In my view, the trustworthiness comes purely via a stronger ethical educational foundation. Anything sans this, would stand testimony of crystalline hypocrisy sooner or later. This can be significantly proved with a lot of examples in any of the quarters including the ones listed.

Some examples of risks involved with a credit card telemarketer who does not properly introduce or proves transparent between the finance institution and the customer would be the credit card number may be illicitly divulged to third parties resulting in malicious use. In the case of placement consultants, resumes of women candidates may result in excessive number of eve-teasing cases. Even otherwise, there might be cases of extortion or forgeries.

In my opinion, I would suggest that unless the answered call from a telemarketer, if does'nt comply to proper communication skills, I don't see a valid reason to continue the conversation. The mobile handset, I hope, has a key called 'Hangup' which can be immediately resorted to. I don't see a valid reason of courtesy too in that case. This also behind the scenes results in good amount of traffic saving for the telephone network, for bona fide calls. At the same time, picking up the call adds to the ex-chequer of the telephone network, and I would appreciate that.

The telemarketing clouds in India would get cleaner only on cooperation of the people and as well by cleaner business practices of the enterpreneur and the beneficiary business house concerned.


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