Thursday, June 08, 2006

Week of Tight Schedule

Week of Tight Schedule

This week had rather been an hectic and a tight schedule, mostly being devoted and dedicated towards various planning activities. As usual, everything has been tracked and managed by my MSN Calendar. Perhaps amongst the schedules the significant among that that were pending was reviving of my old account with Corporation Bank and closing of certain unneeded accounts which were difficult to mention and were opening security holes, just like what Windows Firewall in Windows XP2 defines these interface points in Help and Support Center which goes like this:

To allow an exception is like poking a hole through the firewall. If there are too many holes, there is not much wall left in your firewall

Towards this, I would also emphasize about Corporation Bank. A humble start financial institution from Bangalore but providing the most affordable, polite and dependable banking services to the masses. The more innovative Internet Banking and a globally valid Internationally accepted debit cards is a big plus.

This provides a brief summary of my personal schedules that were lined up. Perhaps sometime later, more than providing an archive of my plans, I would also be updating my TODOLIST. This is currently in the pipeline. I am working on it and there is no confirmed ETA for this.

Stay Tuned!


Anonymous said...

Appa. Ippovadhu thiruvarur (sorry thiruvallikeni :) :) ) thaer asanjitha.

Chumma oru uppu chappu illadha untrustworthy ICICI vechukitta, scene potta illa. Ippo un vayalaya oru eye-opener for all.

Let the message reach to all for better patronage for nationalized banks.

Deepak Vasudevan said...

True, Lavanya...