Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Win-Win Offer does not seem to apply between service providers and consumers

Win-Win Offer does not seem to apply between service providers and consumers

I hope you would have seen advertisements like Win Win offer which says that the product is discounted so that both the manufacturer is benefitted by forecasted huge sales and also cheap products for the consumers.  Good. I accept that largescale production really helps in cheaper product and mass consumption at affordable rates.

But there are certain cases, I felt, that there is a disproportion and this Win-Win offer or a good weighing variant does not seem to get applied or does it not apply to these contexts? It is just an open ended view. Feel free to share your comments too.

Take an example of currency exchange. When you go to a foriegn exchange shop or a bank dealing with foriegn exchange, there are actually two rates mentioned -- 'We purchase dollars at XXX and We sell dollars at YYY'. Normally the purchase price is higher than the selling price. This seems to be beneficial for the financial institution and at least on the broader factor, the end customer seems to be paying a higher price for the same requirement.

Similar thing applies for credit card and other loan balances from banks. When we have an outstanding in the credit cards, normally the banking or the financial institution levies an Annualized or Monthly interest and/or service charge. But sametime, in the same credit card, when we have a credit balance, even for more than two months, they don't seem to give any credit. Of course, I accept, behind the scenes, having a credit balance on the credit card would add plus to your credit history and rating. Again to reemphasize this is just an open-ended and personal view. It might be that I am missing some feature of the credit card or a related fact in the financial transaction

What do you feel? Share your views.

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