Saturday, July 29, 2006

Katpadi Vs Camp Road

Katpadi Vs Camp Road

Yesterday I was returning home a bit late and there was some traffic snarl near Camp Road, near East Tambaram. The atmosphere of Camp Road, its geographical setup triggered my mental thoughts to travel back by six to seven years during my college days at Vellore Engineering College (now VIT, Deemed University).

Almost there was a complete coincidence of accessibility routes between VEC (now VIT) and Bharat Institute of Higher Education and Research (Deemed University). I fondly recalled that about the plethora of private cum public buses from Vellore town to Katpadi or Chitoor Bus Stand (CBS) and then trying to get some lift or waiting for a long route bus from CBS to VIT on the Katpadi -Tiruvalam highway. Even in the case of Bharat, it seems to be the same case. You can reach Camp Road from Tambaram and Velacherry but you need to wait a while from Camp Road to Bharat on the Agaram Road, near the Indian Air Force area.

Perhaps a unique blend of Roadways and Railways too complimenting the educational atmosphere. It was Katpadi - Bagayam roadway cum Katpadi Railway Junction in case of Vellore. Here it is Velacherry - Tambaram roadway cum Tambaram Railway Junction.

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Selva said...

Dear Mr. Deepak,

I am Selva from Bangalore. I have wriiten an article in Wikipedia for Tamilnadu State Highways.

In this regard, I want the State Highway Number for
Thiruvalam - Katpadi - Venkatagirikottah Road

I mean SH No. for this Highway.

If you know the SH No. for this Highway, Please let me know it.

Also let me know the State Highway No. for Chittoor - Thirutani Highway (If you know it)

Thanks in Advance.