Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Pleasure in the Morning

Pleasure in the Morning

The mornings in Guindy Ekkaduthangal need not always be expected to be always strenous and tainted with busy traffic snarls, reverberating with traffic sounds and horns honking throughout. Today morning, I saw a familiar face in the bus and he was blinking at me too. We know that we had met each other some long back but could'nt immediately understand.

Well! He got down at the same bus stop and me too. Well! No use putting the latent meet. Let us try to break the shell open. He had the HCL ID card anyway on hand so I guessed there is no security hazard even though the first introduction he gave. It was my long long met friend from the company called 3rdAgenda, where I had been working and we are meeting now after the span of four years.

Perhaps amidst the mechanical background of traffic and sound, it was a soothing and consoling meet of long met friends, to add a friendly fragrance and a pleasurable color to the atmosphere, which was bit drizzling and raining since morning.

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