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Shakthi as in Lalitha Sahasraranamam

Shakthi as in Lalitha Sahasraranamam

If you have closely observed Lalitha Sahasranamam, there goes a description for Shakthi like this "Icha Shakthy Gnana Shakthy Kriya Shakthy Swaroopini". The Lordess or the Jagan Matha is revered as the ultimate entity representing the following:

  1. Icha Shakthi
  2. Gnana Shakthi and
  3. Kriya Shakthi

There is a unique temple combination in Chennai which adopts this approach and devotees are expected to adhere to the schedules like worshipping Icha Shakthi in the morning, Gnana Shakthi in the afternoon (Uchi Kaala Poojai) and Kriya Shakthi towards the evening. The temples are as follows:

  1. Meloor Thiruvudai Amman [Icha Shakthi (or) satisfying the aspirations of devotees]
  2. Thiruvotriyur Vadivudai Amman [Gnana Shakthi (or) giving enormous knowledge and wisdom]
  3. Thirumullaivoil Kodiyudai Amman [Kriya Shakthi (or) assisting in all our deeds and actions]

The significance of these temples are briefly described below:

Meloor Thiruvudai Amman

This temple needs to be worshipped towards morning. This temple is located near Minjur (Chennai North border) in a small village called Meloor. The Lord is called Thirumanangesar. The special prayer to this Lordess is offering yellow sarees and mangoes.

Thiruvotriyur Vadivudai Amman

This temple needs to be worshipped towards afternoon, preferably during the Uchikala Poojai. The offerings to this Lordess is red saree and jack fruit. The Lord is called Thyagaraja Swami. This temple is about seven kilometers from Parrys, Chennai.

Thirumullaivoil Kodiyudai Amman

This temple needs to be worshipped towards evening. The preferred offerings to this Lordess includes green sarees and bananas. The Lord is called Maasilamaneeshswarar. The temple is located close to Ambattur Railway Station.

Also check out these websites for fuller details of these temples:



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