Friday, July 14, 2006

There is always scope for improvement

There is always scope for improvement

There is nothing like saturation. In any case and is always, there remains always scope for future improvement and growth in our career. Is'nt it? The previous weekend, I was relatively free and have made some small improvements to my weblogs in terms of look and feel, templates, links and blogrolls. Do send me how you feel regarding the changes, the navigation system as feedback or comments.

And while setting up the links in the navigation system, there had been some small typos and misses. A couple of links were broken and missing too. Special thanks to Varalakshmi, for bringing this to my attention and these have been addressed and republished.

There are more information to come and more milestones to conquer. The journey continues. As the Tamil song in Padayappa says -- March ahead in complete bravery like the lion till you reach the peak. If you have reached the peak, try climbing the skies and conquer the spaces. Here are the lyrics for your quick reference:

singa nadai pOtu sigaraththil yeru sigaraththai adainthaal vaanaththil yeru
en peru padaiyappa ilavatta nadaiyappa ennOda uLLadhellaam iLasinga padaiyappa

However, nothing is possible without the blessings of the Lord. We also pray the Lord humbly to bless us in all our ventures and be with us always.

Poojyaya Raghavendraya Sathyadharma Rathayacha
Bhajatham Kalpa Vrukshaya Namatham Kamadhenave

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