Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Trip To Tiruvallikeni with a VVIP Entry

A Trip To Tiruvallikeni with a VVIP Entry

This Thursday trip To Tiruvallikeni was bit different. I had some work and hence could start to temple only at about 7 PM. After coming to Guindy, at the first, I was bit shaken up the rough crowds and how to manage boarding a bus. Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa. Fortunately, a speeding A18 came by and it was less crowdy. I jumped and got into the bus.

Thanks to the high profile traffic snarls of Chennai, it took about some an hour and a half to reach LIC-Santhi junction and caught one more bus to reach the temple by about half past eight. The Thayar Sannithi would always have a queue. For some reason, I need'nt wait and the guy just let me in. And the same happened in the Azhagiya Singar sanctum sanctorum too. Of course for the latter, I had to wait for some ten to fifteen minutes since they had to do some thaligai aradhanam for the night poojas and then open the sanctum sanctorum for public darshan.

With bit of drizzling all around the city, caught a 45 B and returned to workplace at about half past ten.

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